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Oh. My. God.

Author: RedSignal from United States
13 February 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What an episode. You know these are talented writers when they write an episode like this one. After Meredith pulls the ammo out of the victim successfully, I figured the rest of the episode was to close loose ends when suddenly KABOOM! Bomb goes off! And I totally love the scene where Cristina and Lizzie are washing the catatonic-esquire Meredith but the good guy Geroge looks away respectfully, even though it mirrors his erotic dream from last week's episode. Did anyone else feel a relationship blossom between George and Hannah? Oh, it would be great if Christina Ricci would recur this season, if not the entire series, as the paramedic Hannah. Definitely a great episode. I love this show.

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Excellent episode... the best yet!

Author: jujasco from United States
13 February 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Grey's Anatomy is in my opinion one of the best shows on TV today. This show has interesting characters and plots reminiscent of the old ER shows. The focus shifts so perfectly from the personal to professional lives of the characters, that your attention is constantly held.

I must admit that when I realized last week that this story was 2 parter, I was a little disappointed. But the continued story line was well worth the wait. The writer/creator did not disappoint. The story lines flowed well. Everything was well-paced and there was no feeling of a "quick wrap up" at the end. Each character's story held my interest and there were many stories told. The bomb exploding was so unexpected. I fully expected the bomb squad guy to come back and ask Meredith out on a date.

I love the way George's role is being developed. He's personable and smart, but with just enough insecurities to make him endearing. He rises to every occasion, even when he gets thrown into a scary situations. And I'm very impressed with the way he is sincerely endearing himself to Dr. Bailey. Meredith and Derek are making me crazy, but just crazy enough to keep watching. Preston and Cristina are an interesting couple; I just hope Cristina doesn't change for love.

I don't know what Ms Rhimes plans for Meredith, Derek, Addison, and the rest of the crew in future episodes, but I know I don't want to miss it!

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Author: michelleluttrell from United States
17 August 2006

Omg!!! I Totally disagree with the previous comment.I thought this episode was wonderful. I love this show and haven't missed an episode Yet!! Hmmmmmmmmm since I have to write 10 lines for this to post I would just like to say that if you have never watched this show go buy the first season on DVD. After one or two episodes if you aren't hooked well....You should be lol!!! I am in my last year of nursing school and Grey's anatomy always ties into our Monday morning lectures one way or another. The one's who didn't watch it in the beginning I got them hooked during our "study" sessions. :-) I have already pre-ordered the 2nd season on DVD. I can't wait to get it so I can watch it over again.

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very good

Author: charmed_rulezzz from Netherlands
12 February 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

it was a really good episode. the cliff hanger was really good, I almost had to cry when the episode ended. I couldn't believe it was the end. Meredith and Derek should get back together, they are a great couple, the belong together. Addison has to go away, I don't like her very much. she messed it all up. George was really funny, when he competed in the strike. when he said something to Izzy and then said, I should be seen talking to you, really funny. Izzy is also a great character. Alex and Izzy are also really great together and I think it's great that they could get back together. I can't wait for the next episode, I hope it will be on the internet soon. here in Holland we're only in the first season the 6th episode.

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A man is admitted into the hospital with a bomb inside of him, Dr. Bailey goes into labor and her husband needs brain surgery after a car accident on his way to Seattle Grace

Author: emi_kwakerz from Canada
4 June 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I thought that this episode was one of the best episodes I have seen yet. It was one of those edge of you seat episode especially when the young ambulance assistant starts to panic and decides to yank her hand out of the patients body cavity, letting go of the bomb possibly triggering it to blow up. It's is like you are there in the OR with Meredith, Christina and Burke. Then when you come to the realization that Meredith replaced the assistants hand with her own you think to yourself 'Meredith what were you thinking?' It was an exciting, suspenseful episode that was unforgettable. I recommend this show to anyone who is interested in what life is actually like being an intern at a hospital and the daily stresses of that life and an interns life outside of the hospital.

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Well acted and emotional. great episode

Author: Abbie from United States
7 July 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

While watching this episode I sat on the edge of my seat and teared up several times. The acting was so raw and emotional and Sandra Oh was absolutely amazing, not to mention, we got to see some of the couple everyone is rooting for or against, (ie.Alex and Izzie) Ellen Pompeyo also shocked me by giving a powerful performance and It all came together neatly and ended in what was as close to perfect as you can come in one hour on *any* channel. Of course, it wouldn't be GA if there wasn't some Mer and Der drama. "I'm glad You didn't die today" Summary; Absolutely positively loved it, Astounding I'd give it 11 starts if I could.

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What They Did Not Tell You

Author: Larry W Mayes from United States
16 August 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This episode was intense as the "bomb" code was activated for real due to a live munition in a man's chest. As usual, some have to ask "What is Code ????" then casually mill around not realizing the level of danger. I enjoyed it from another viewpoint, as a retired Biomed (Medical Equipment Repair)..

Staff and volunteers work within their assigned duties of patient care or support in some way. Plant Ops who maintain the electrical, plumbing and environmental controls as well as Biomeds understand the engineering in the construction of hospitals to all systems on line.

The location of the hospital's oxygen line in the OR, is common knowledge to the OR staff as well as the location of zone valves to shut off individual rooms or branches. Almost as dangerous would be the Nitrous Oxide and Air lines that almost always run alongside Oxygen. All these can accelerate a fire or explosion. Yet the danger was not so great had it been real.

When a surgery is going all gases are coming from the house lines from the wall or ceiling, but every anesthesia machine has oxygen and Nitrous Oxide cylinders attached to the machines with valves open in case the hospital system runs out or is disrupted. Cylinders can be replaced as surgery continues if the house lines are down. To reduce the danger to the hospital, staff and Fire/Rescue, the oxygen and Nitrous Oxide systems should have been shut off and bled out into the wards and clinics that are usually on separate branches of the medical gas systems and the OR could have remained in operation in this emergency.

Of course it had to have the drama which it was not short on, especially Christina Ricci as the Paramedic caught in the middle of the fear and panic. Throughout the episode, saving the man's life was increasingly on the Paramedic who was holding not knowing when the point of detonation might occur. It was good to see her character get the lion's share of the credit Moving a 300-400 pound OR table out of the OR was the worst choice as it will not cross thresholds or elevators entries without Biomed adjusting all four feet well above their unlocked position. Hard wheels will send a jolt up to the patient and anyone holding vital structures or devices during the case and created moments of extreme tension for all.

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Almost a parody of a disaster movie.

Author: barryjohnson-39657 from United States
16 June 2015

This is a silly, cringe-worthy episode with at least three dozen eye-rolling moments. If the premise of a live bomb-in-a-body isn't bad enough, the writers take the customary stilted dialog to a whole new level in their efforts to milk every last drop of cheesy emotion from the characters. People simply don't talk or act this way in real life. It's so painful to watch, you wonder how the actors didn't burst laughing when reading some of their lines. Everything about this episode is so melodramatic, so cliché, it feels like the viewer is being pranked -- as if the script was conjured up by writers from The Onion. To make matters worse, it's as if the story takes place in some alternate reality because we never hear about it again once the ending credits roll.

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For a fan, this was a disappointing episode

Author: clare-kuehn from United States
14 May 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Grey's Anatomy is one of my favorite shows for many reasons, not least the real emotions -- though exaggerated scenarios -- and witty dialogue. But this episode disappointed me extremely. It veered from the usual plan for the show and was melodrama. A bomb in a patient? And it explodes a hospital wing without further comment in later episodes? How unlikely. This show seemed to be straight out of a "brainstorming" session of writers, not a considered inclusion into the G A oeuvre. There were good elements, as always in G A -- in my opinion. But the overall excuse for the plot was thin. In what way can a generally homey show -- with well-done typical human emotions and dramatized but not extreme situations -- be justified in stretching belief in this way? Not only does the bomb itself seem to me to be a "wild" interpolation (or as Horace would call it in its print form: a "purple passage"), but it was not then worked into the emotional and mental tone of previous and subsequent shows. However, I remain an ardent fan, and choose to forget most of this episode. There are excellent scenes in it, however, and the dreamy sequences are particularly poignant.

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