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Season 1

London Calling
In the premier episode, serendipity leads our five main characters to a small neighborhood in London. But all is not as it seems. A thief follows Deniz and her precious violin, but Tanaka follows the thief. Joe runs away from summer revision school and Stavros discovers that his chief opponent in the international football tournament is Mia, a girl.
Theatre Ghosts
The old, disused Sparkler's Children's Theatre quietly beckons Joe, Deniz, Tanaka, Stavros and Mia, but for different reasons. By the end, all of the kids have arrived, but no one knows who else is there, leading to mystery and confusion.
Who Is Peter
Tanaka, Mia, Deniz and Stavros discover that Peter has moved into the Sparkler's Theatre and vow to help him find his older brother. Comic shenanigans ensue as they devise plans to sneak him food and keep him clean! But in the end we learn that 'Peter' isn't 'Peter' at all.
Stavros' Dilemma
Somebody is trying to sabotage Stavros on the football field. Stavros must choose between revenge and confrontation to settle the matter and keep his team in contention. But trouble looms at the Sparkler's Theatre as two developers, Spike and Fox, divulge their secret plans to destroy the place.
Ready? Set? Busted!
The kids, with Soner's help, decide to throw a party to save the theatre and Mustafa's job. Meanwhile, Joe, Tanaka and Stavros are deciphering clues and getting closer and closer to finding Joe's brother. But Joe's parents, and the police, are even closer to finding him!
Searching for Proof
Trouble abounds. Mustafa is accused of stealing, and Spike and Fox's secret plan to take over the theatre inches ever closer to completion. The kids devise a way to expose Fox and Spike, but too late-the theatre has already been sold. Mia and Deniz unearth an old poem written by a WWII Sparklers actor, the meaning of which may save the theatre, Mustafa and their own integrity.
Where Is Never, Never Land?
It's down to the wire as the bulldozers arrive for demolition, a protest is organized and a mad search for the poem's meaning sends Tanaka and Soner all over London. Amidst this chaos, Stavros and Mia play against each other in the football championships, and Deniz misses her final piano recital at her music school.

 Season 1 

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