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Laff 2017 Review Round-Up: Replace, Midnighters, Never Here, and Desolation

Back in June, the 2017 Los Angeles Film Festival took over Southern California, hosting screenings at numerous locations and featuring numerous genre films that horror and sci-fi fans should definitely keep on their radars in the coming months. Here are my thoughts on three of the movies that I had the opportunity to watch at the festival:

Replace: As far genre feature film debuts go, co-writer/director Norbert Keil has a lot to be proud of with Replace, a stunning and beautifully executed cinematic mystery that’s part body horror/part psychological thriller. Something of a hallucinatory fever dream at times, Keil has crafted an intriguing and chilling portrait of just how far some folks are willing to go in the name of vanity, and the whole affair is anchored by a trio of powerhouse performances by Rebecca Forsythe, Barbara Crampton, and Lucie Aron.

In Replace, we’re introduced to
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Fluffy Breaks Even: Season Three Ordered by Fuse, Show Title Changed

Fluffy is getting a makeover. This week, Fuse announced they've renewed the Gabriel Iglesias series Fluffy Breaks Even for a third season and renamed it Fluffy's Food Adventures (working title).The new season will center on "star comedian and actor Iglesias (known as ‘Fluffy’ to his millions of fans around the world), and feature his eccentric tour mates and fellow comedians Martin Moreno (Stuck), Rick Gutierrez (I’m Not Mad, I’m Just a Parent), Alfred Robles (The Fluffy Movie: Unity Through Laughter) and G Reilly (Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand-Up Revolution) as they bring their humor (and appetites) to Harlem, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New Orleans and Nashville for a taste of the locals’ favorite spots."Read More…
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Review: Body

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Not all horror movies have ghosts or zombies or monsters or masked murderers hacking up teenagers. Sometimes, horror movies just find regular people in terrible circumstances and watch as things heat up, like ants put under a magnifying glass in the sun. That’s the case in Body, the feature debut from the writing/directing team of Dan Berk and Robert Olsen and a solid four character thriller and a welcome surprise this year.

Three friends, Holly (Helen Rogers), Mel (Lauren Molina) and Cali (Alexandra Turshen) are hanging out on Christmas Eve. They’ve eaten too much, they’ve smoked a little weed and now they’ve gotten bored. Cali suggests they go over to her rich uncle’s house, which is empty for the holidays. They head over and drink some more and goof around a little. Then a man (Larry Fessenden) shows up and surprises them. There is an accident.
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Gabriel Iglesias Comedy Greenlit By Fuse Media As Part Of Multi-Year Partnership

Fuse Media, the parent company of Fuse and NUVOtv networks, has greenlit a half-hour stand-alone field-based comedy starring comedian Gabriel Iglesias (aka Fluffy) as part of a multi-year partnership to develop new original comedy series. Their first project, Fluffy Breaks Even! (wt) begins production today in Las Vegas. The six-episode series, set to premiere on Fuse in October, will feature Iglesias along with his tour mates and fellow comedians Martin Moreno (Stuck, The…
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New Phantom City Creative Poster Features Jeffrey Combs as Edgar Allan Poe

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This month, Boston is paying tribute to its native son: the Master of Macabre. A new statue of Edgar Allan Poe was recently revealed in Poe Square, a bronze bust of Poe will be unveiled on October 30th, one evening before Jeffrey Combs performs in Nevermore: An Evening With Edgar Allan Poe at the Somerville Theatre, and now a poster adds to the celebration with a depiction of Combs as Poe.

Illustrated by Phantom City Creative artist Justin Erickson, the 18” x 24” Nevermore prints are limited to 100 and are priced at $50 apiece. We have the official details on the prints, the bronze bust, and Nevermore: An Evening With Edgar Allan Poe:

Boston (October 1, 2014) — “On October 31, fans of the darker literary persuasion will find a very special treat at the Somerville Theatre. At 8pm, the house lights will go down, and Edgar Allan Poe will return. In “Nevermore:
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Kickstart This Now! Stuart Gordon’s Feature Film ‘Nevermore’

Stuart Gordon has brought us some great B-movies. Re-Animator, Dolls, From Beyond and, even more recently, Stuck. My first year at Fantastic Fest was 2010 and it was the year that Gordon brought Jeffrey Combs and not only did they show Re-Animator and From Beyond, they also did the stage version of Nevermore. It was something I thought I would never see since it only seemed to be performed in Los Angeles. Last year, I talked to Combs at Con-tamination and asked if they were ever planning on doing a full tour of the play. Combs stated that he and Stuart really wanted to make a feature film out of it instead. He then told me, after signing my Mondo Nevermore poster that I bought at Fantastic Fest, that Gordon was probably going to launch something on Kickstarter to pull it off. After over a year’s wait, it looks like they are going forward.
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Tiff’s 25 Years of Midnight Madness: Best of the Fest #2

Tiff’s Midnight Madness program turned 25 this year, and for two and half decades, the hardworking programers have gathered some of the strangest, most terrifying, wild, intriguing and downright entertaining films from around the world. From dark comedies to Japanese gore-fests and indie horror gems, the Midnight Madness program hasn’t lost its edge as one the leading showcases of genre cinema. In its 25-year history, Midnight Madness has introduced adventurous late-night moviegoers to such cult faves as Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused and Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs. But what separates Midnight Madness from, say, Montreal’s three and half week long genre festival Fantasia, is that Tiff selects only ten films to make the cut. In other words, these programmers don’t mess around. Last week I decided that I would post reviews of my personal favourite films that screened in past years. And just like the Tiff programmers,
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Awfully Good: Robot Jox

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Pacific Rim is an epic blast, but I was getting a serious case of déjà vu while watching it. Robot Jox (1990) Director: Stuart Gordon Stars: Gary Graham, Anne-Marie Johnson, Paul Koslo Transformers meets Mighty Morphin Power Rangers meets the game of Risk. You may know director Stuart Gordon for his work in the horror genre, from H.P. Lovecraft adaptations of Re-animator and From Beyond to the twisted man-in-windshield drama Stuck. But what you may not know is that...
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Indie Spotlight

We return with another edition of the Indie Spotlight, highlighting recent independent horror news sent our way. This week’s feature includes first details on Harbinger Down, trailers for Beneath and Inbred, release details for The Black Dahlia Haunting, and much more:

First Details on Harbinger Down: “Award-winning Visual Effects artists Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff, Jr., co-founders of Studio Adi (Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc.) launched a campaign today for Harbinger Down. “In the spirit of sci-fi/horror classics, Alien and The Thing, Harbinger Down is a tense, claustrophobic full-length creature film that will feature only practical Animatronic and Makeup Effects,” announced Gillis, who will write and direct.

“Our company, Amalgamated Dynamics, will create the kind of Oscar caliber Creature Effects for which we are known,” commented Woodruff, who will produce along with Studio Adi’s Jennifer Tung. Lance Henriksen is set to star.

In Harbinger Down, a group of grad
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Syfy Picks Up Season 4 of Lost Girl

Hopefully you’ve been watching this really fun, entertaining supernatural show. If not, now’s the time to get going on that. Lost Girl brings us new supernatural creatures nearly every week as well as longer story arcs, some nice fight scenes, great cast chemistry, and lots of sex between pretty people. What’s not to like?

The series is produced in Canada and airs on Showcase there; Showcase and Syfy both announced the new season pickup yesterday. Unfortunately, while Canada is getting the next season in late 2013, we in the U.S. have to wait until 2014. Hopefully that isn’t set in stone…

Syfy Renews Sexy Supernatural Series Lost Girl – #1 Cable Drama Among Adults 18-49 And Adults 25-54 In Its Time Period – For Fourth Season Beginning In 2014

New York – February 28, 2013 – Syfy has renewed its sexy supernatural series Lost Girl – the #1 original cable drama among Adults 18-49 and Adults 25-
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Blu-ray is Such Easy Prey for UK's Second Sight

It's one of director Stuart Gordon's most beloved cult favourites and rightfully so, delivering a riotously slimy, brain-suckin' good time. Finally, on February 25th, UK audiences can catch the madness in high-def glory courtesy of Second Sight. What's the movie? Why, it's From Beyond, of course!

Read on for the lowdown!

From the Press Release:

From the team that brought you the gloriously perverse Re-Animator comes the equally surreal horror classic From Beyond, which makes its long-awaited debut on Blu-ray thanks to Second Sight Films.

Based on another H.P. Lovecraft adaptation, this deranged gorefest is directed by Stuart Gordon (Stuck) and produced by horror supremo Brian Yuzna (Society). It comes to Blu-ray in stunning limited edition packaging, along with a DVD release, on 25 February 2013.

Obsessive scientist Dr. Pretorius (Ted Sorel) and his assistant (Jeffrey Combs) have invented ‘The Resonator’, a device designed to stimulate the brain’s pineal gland
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Blu-ray Review: Re-animator Is A Classic Given Short Shrift In HD

Re-Animator is the film that launched a thousand careers in B-movies. Stuart Gordon made his feature film directing debut adapting this H.P. Lovecraft story for the big screen, he would later go on to direct such challenging films as Edmond and Stuck in addition to a healthy pile of sci-fi and horror goodies. Stars Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton also made names for themselves through solid performances in Re-Animator. Combs would go on to further refine his mad scientist/well-heeled maniac persona in other the Re-Animator sequels, as well as supporting roles in big studio horror flicks like the House on Haunted Hill remake and Peter Jackson's The Frighteners, as well as a bunch of other Lovecraft adaptations, even playing the man himself in the elusive...
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Move over, ‘Total Recall’: 10 more remakes you’ll want to avoid

Whether you measure your movies by box office, reviews, or popular appeal, Sony’s $125 million remake of the 1990 Ah-nuld Schwarzenegger interplanetary action fest Total Recall looks like a strike-out. The movie opened with a lethal softness; a $25.7 million first weekend meaning Recall won’t even come close to making back its budget during its domestic theatrical run. In fact, despite 22 years of ticket price increases, it’s doubtful the movie will even match the original’s $119.3 million haul.

And for those of you who think maybe the problem is Total Recall was outgunned opening while The Dark Knight Rises was still sucking up box office coin, entertain, at least for a moment if you will, the possibility the movie just plain sucks. According to Rotten Tomatoes’ canvas, almost 70% of reviewers – and over three-quarters of “top critics” – gave Total Recall a thumbs-down. Those who went to see the movie didn’t
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‘Re-Animator’ Helmer Stuart Gordon Going Cannibal on ‘Taste’

Stuart Gordon, director of the funny/scary/gross-out classic Re-Animator, will helm a big-screen adaptation of Benjamin Brand‘s real-life-inspired cannibal play, Taste. [Variety]

Taste is based on the so-called Rotenburg Cannibal — or, Armin Meiwes — who met a young man in a cannibal-fantasy Internet chatroom, killed him, and proceeded, as cannibals do, to consume his corpse. (Evidently this is a thing.)

Gordon and Adam Goldworm will produce and self-finance the project on a microbudget. Brand will be adapting his own play, a joint venture between the director’s Red Hen shingle and the the producers Aperture Entertainment. The former is currently searching about for actors, and will reportedly include some of the play’s cast.

In 2001, Meiwes feasted on a willing participant for his kill-someone-and-eat them fetish after a string of no-gos; at least several of the previous candidates had a fantasy so bizarre that even Meiwes was turned off. I have not seen this play,
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Breaking News: Syfy Picks Up Season 3 of Lost Girl

Excellent news about a fun, entertaining supernatural crime show with some cool creatures, a fair amount of sex and terrific chemistry between the characters. Hopefully you’ve been catching Lost Girl on Syfy, Mondays at 10/9c. The show is Syfy‘s only “acquired” scripted series. It’s a Canadian production and has been broadcast there with great success and rabid fans, if my international Twitter feed is any indication.

It was renewed for a third season in Canada back in December, before Season 1 debuted here on Syfy in January. Syfy began airing Season 2 the week after Season 1 concluded, and Season 2 is still rolling out now. It’s great news that we’ll be seeing the third season here as well. Here’s the press release:

June 05, 2012

Syfy Renews Hit Series Lost Girl – #1 Cable Drama Among Adults 18-49 And Adults 25-54 In Its Time Period – For Third Season Beginning January 2013

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Fantasia 2012: More Info on the Frontieres International Co-Production Market

At the end of last year we reported that the Fantasia Film Festival is gearing up to become the next hot spot to acquire unproduced projects being sold as part of its film market - the Frontières International Co-Production Market. And now we have additional details.

From the Press Release

Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival, widely acclaimed as one of the largest and most influential genre film festivals in the world, is embarking on its 16th edition with a major new industry-driven venture: the Frontières International Co-Production Market. Frontières is the first international co-production market to connect North American with Europe and Australasia in an environment focused specifically on genre film production.

The projects to be presented in the market have now been chosen and feature an exciting array of filmmakers, from gifted newcomers to world-renowned maestros, as well as numerous established international producers.

Blood Borne (Australia) Director / Writer:
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Fantasia Film Festival announces the selected projects of the Frontières International co-production market

Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival, (also known as Sound On Sight’s favourite film festival world wide), as well as widely acclaimed as one of the largest and most influential genre film festivals in the world, is embarking on its 16th edition with a major new industry-driven venture: the Frontières International Co-Production Market. Frontières is the first international co-production market to connect North-American with Europe and Australasia, in an environment focused specifically on genre film production.

The projects to be presented in the market have now been chosen and feature an exciting array of filmmakers, from gifted newcomers to world-renowned maestros, as well as numerous established international producers. Fantasia just announced the selection of the first fourteen projects and there is plenty of reason to be excited.

Here is the press release:

Four of the 14 projects hail from Canada and Quebec: Adored maverick trail-blazer Bruce McDonald (Hard Core Logo 1 & 2, This Movie Is Broken,
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Indie Spotlight

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We’re back with the latest installment of our Indie Spotlight. Each feature includes the latest independent horror news sent our way. If you want to be included in our next spotlight, send us an email.

Six Degrees of Hell Retro Poster: A new vintage-style poster has been released for Six Degrees of Hell:

“Ever walk through one of those Halloween haunted attractions and wonder how real it all looked? What if it was? Six individuals are caught in a supernatural perfect storm that has come to claim one of them and tear apart the soul of a small town.”

Directed by Joe Raffa, Six Degrees of Hell features Corey Feldman, Cloris Leachman, Tara Reid, Nicole Cinaglia and David Bonner. The film is set to be released later this year. To check out the poster, visit the official Six Degrees of Hell Facebook page:
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Mena Suvari Divorcing Husband Simone Sestito

  • ShockYa
Mena Suvari Divorcing Husband Simone Sestito
American Beauty actress Mena Suvari has filed for divorce from her husband Simone Sestito, a twenty-five year old concert producer. The thirty-two year old Suvari was married to Sestito for a reported 18 months after meeting him back in 2007 at the Toronto Film Festival where she was promoting her movie entitled ‘Stuck’. Confirmed by TMZ, Suvari filed papers in a Los Angeles court this past Friday. The two married in Vatican City back in 2010, with Sestito telling People Magazine two years prior that the couple “just understood each other.” That same year they became engaged. The actress cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for divorce, and also shared...
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