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The movie is carefully modulated to draw us deeper and deeper into the situation, and uses no contrived plot devices to superimpose plot jolts on what is, after all, a story involving four civilized people who are only trying, each in a different way, to find happiness.
The Hollywood Reporter
Succeeds so beautifully because of a compelling story, great acting, intelligent writing and sensitive direction.
Andrew Wagner has made a lovely comedy of death and rebirth.
We are slowly and mightily drawn into this intimate story, which is both intellectually stimulating and emotionally moving.
Whether this reserved, hypercautious widower can deal with the arousal she creates in him - let alone be physically able to act on it - is one of the many layers of tension that drive this unusual and absolutely riveting dance.
Langella delivers a master class in acting. He's playing Leonard Schiller, an aging author aching from the loss of his wife, a weak heart and literary neglect.
A "small" movie. But in its keenly observed examination of strangers who become intimates - and of family members who remain, in part, strangers - it has big things to say.
Chicago Tribune
Because the characters are richly realized and their dialogue rings true, we stick around, rooting for something like a happy ending.
Taylor also makes an impressive comeback as the conflicted daughter who instinctively distrusts Heather, but Starting Out in the Evening is first and foremost a triumph by Frank Langella.
It's a gentle, unhurried drama about how people can connect with each other through conversation, nonverbal gestures, and writing.
Wallows in bleakness and settles for sentimental gestures.

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