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Season 2

9 Sep. 2007
Cronus Vanquished
The heroes finally defeat Cronus once and for all, but they soon wonder if it truly is the end of their battle between him. Around the same time, Cronus starts to gain control of the Underworld and has Hades and Persephone held captive.
17 Sep. 2007
Grae's Anatomy
Odie discovers of the all-seeing eye of the GRAES.
23 Sep. 2007
Star Quality
Cronus conjures the famous hunter ORION from the night sky to track down Jay and the others.
Forget Me Not
Our heroes and Cronus get splashed by the forgetful waters of the river LETHE and can?t remember who they are.
Time Enough for Everything
Odie invents a device that can control time.
The demigod PAN returns? and so does Archie?s jealousy as Atlanta?s old feelings for Pan are rekindled.
Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself
Cronus brings LYCAON, the original werewolf, back to life with a drop of Atlanta?s blood? and now it wants more!
Cold Day in Hades
It's the first day of spring and Persephone doesn't return from The Underworld? thanks to Cronus. Her mother DEMETER mourns for Persephone and her grief plunges the planet into a deep freeze. The heroes have to get through Cronus and his legion of snow beasts, to save Persephone? and the world!
Tantalize This
Cursed by TANTALUS, Atlanta can?t resist the temptation to take on Cronus by herself.
Mother Knows Best
The Earth is literally in upheaval as GAIA, Mother Earth, gets Cronus and Zeus together for a little family reunion.
Applet of Discord
ERIS, the Goddess of Strife and Discord, wants to impress her father Cronus? and what better way to do that, than to destroy the heroes!
Bad Blood
Cronus tracks down AUTOLYCUS, son of Hermes, and the Prince of Thieves.
MORPHEUS helps Theresa use her telepathic powers to give Cronus a prophetic vision.
Breathtaking Beauty
When Neil?s pranks hurt Odie?s feelings, Odie decides to go for a drive. But Odie soon finds himself riddled with problems when he meets the beautiful SPHINX in a small town.
Polythemis Returns
TALOS is about to destroy an island, and our heroes!
Recipe for Disaster
Millennia ago, PEIRITHOUS was left behind in the Underworld by Hercules.
Game Plan
Cronus poses as AMALTHEIA, the goat who raised his son Zeus, and whisks Zeus off for a fatal game of battle chess.
Cronus Version 2.0
With Hephaestus? help, Odie creates an android to simulate Cronus? moves, one that can learn to adapt, in order to test their skills.
Cronus Keystroke
Cronus gets his hands on Theresa?s pendant. He convinces the magical TELKHINES to unlock its secret by giving them their enemy, POSEIDON.
Daedalus or Alive
Hoping to find some lost papers or inventions left behind by DAEDALUS, Odie discovers Daedalus is still alive!
Golden Boy
Neil finds himself cursed with the Midas Touch.
Like a Rolling Stone
Cronus releases Sisyphus from his punishment in the Underworld to try and lure our heroes to their doom.
Face Off
Neil is no longer the fairest of them all when ADONIS appears and the ancient rivalry between Persephone and Aphrodite over the God Of Desire and Manly Good Looks is revisited.
The Deep End
The River God, SCAMANDER was defeated by Achilles millennia ago. Now he wants to even the score by destroying Archie.

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