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Season 1

1 Apr. 2001
Tenka no gyaru ike ike Kotobuki Ran
Ran Kotobuki, the world's greatest gal, tries to prevent another student at her school named Aya Hoshino from committing Enjo Kosai.
8 Apr. 2001
Phone Tag Gets Chilling/Shibuya Is Thrilling!/The Great Dragnet
Ran's father also a policeman, scolds for her happy-go-round life style.He tells she must try to seek out "good deeds" in her community. Ran tries to catch a shoplifter, but loses her in the street. This shoplifter turns out to be Yukie, another girl at Ran's high school. Using her cellular phone and Ran's name, Yukie extends an invitation to a man. When the man arrives Yukie's boyfriend, Takeru blackmails him. Consequently Ran is suspected of this blackmail. Then, Yuya, also a first year boy at Ran's school, helps her to corner Yukie and Takeru. Ran proves her ...
15 Apr. 2001
A Girl's Feelings/Hearts Reeling/Red Streak or Not, Miyu's Taken!
Ran's best friend, Miyu, receives a love letter. It is from a boy named Kenji Yoshida who has a bad reputation of being short-tempered and quarrelsome. When Kenji realizes Miyu has a boyfriend, he starts stalking her. Kenji thinks Yuya is Miyu's boyfriend and finding himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, Kenji attaches Yuya, and Yuya fights back but soon realizes he is no match for this muscular guy. Fortunately Ran rescues Yuya and her brother Yamato ­ Kenji has a chance to do too much damage.
22 Apr. 2001
Good! Good! - Bad! Bad!: Luck with Boys!
The Gals tell their love fortunes and the future looks bleak for Ran. Fortunately she encounters a new romantic interest but soon wonders if this is the right partner for her.
29 Apr. 2001
Fresh Start - Broken Heart?: Is it over with Aya?!
It's exam time and Ran is struggling to get through them. The bigger problem is Aya as she is usually at the top of her class but is currently failing. She soon begins to distance herself from Ran, Miyu, and her entire Gal life.
6 May 2001
Pool, Exciting, Junior Detectives!
Ran is ready for her day off by the pool, but her relaxation plans may come with consequences when the Bukuro Gals attempt to take over Shibuya.
13 May 2001
Black Shadow Creeping Up Targeted Miyu
Miyu's hidden past catches up with her when she attempts to complete 100 good deeds.
20 May 2001
Heart, Guilty, Miyu's Past
Ran is on the case when thugs from an old gang attack Miyu.
27 May 2001
Memories! Tearful Memories! Sayo's Been Kidnapped?
Questions arise after Sayo, Shibuya's peacekeeper, is kidnapped.
3 Jun. 2001
Yuya, Nervous, a Rival Appears!
Things heat up when Ran is challenged to an intense dance competition.
10 Jun. 2001
Crossing Shibuya, Fun-Fun, Grand Prix
Things get complicated when Ran decides to hold a contest to decide whom will become her boyfriends!
17 Jun. 2001
Promise, Bye-Bye, Kendo Girl
Ran is forced to join Kendo Club member, Shiori, for a make-up class, but Shiori has other plans in mind.
24 Jun. 2001
Super Debutante, Goody-Goody, Ran Kotobuki
Suspicion arises when Miyu and Aya voice their concerns about Ran's study habits.
1 Jul. 2001
Maki, Shiny New, First Year Gal!
Ran's dedication is tested when a visitor forces her to revisit her own Ironclad Rules.
8 Jul. 2001
Revenge, Burning, Snowboard Battle!
Ran wins a snowboard and decides to take everyone snowboarding in the summer!
15 Jul. 2001
Dappled Sunlight, Sparkling, Romantic Anniversary
Miyu, who is the school's troublemaker, is put under Ran's counseling when teachers reach their wits' end with her antics.
22 Jul. 2001
Feelings of Love, Wavering, Aya Confesses!?
Romance is in the air when Aya considers confessing her feelings to Rei after taking a romance personality test.
29 Jul. 2001
Odaiba, Crackling, Great Final Battle!
Ran accepts an interesting challenge from Mami while on vacation with her friends.
5 Aug. 2001
Sun, Sun-Sun, Summer Girl!
Reality hits hard when Ran discovers she's broke again. But is she ready to get a job?
12 Aug. 2001
Mami-rin, Dreamy-Eyed, Her First Love
Mami breaks up with her boyfriends and then discovers her first love is planning a visit to Shibuya.
19 Aug. 2001
Certain Victory, Go! Go! Sports Fest
Ran hatches a plan to avoid doing homework: She will compete in a festival that will earn her credit. Can she pull it off?
26 Aug. 2001
School Culture Fest, Para-Para, Meisho Queen
Rivalries and conspiracies emerge during the upcoming festival.
2 Sep. 2001
Tear It Off, Rip, Rip, Teacher's Gold Plate Exterior
Ran must stand up to Gunjo who is sore over losing the sports festival.
9 Sep. 2001
Off to Machida, the Monkey Leaves, Tatsukichi Gets Dumped!?
The Gals are telling fortunes again and today happens to be Ran's luckiest day of the year, but she soon finds her unluckiest days may be near.
16 Sep. 2001
Yamato, Dead Serious, Proposes!?
It's a race against time as the Gals try to sell 3,000 pastries by the end of the day. Can they pull it off?
23 Sep. 2001
Super Cop, Hard-Working, Ran Kotobuki
Ran accidentally brainwashes herself and takes on a whole new persona. Has she forgotten her Gal life for good?
30 Sep. 2001
Brother, Kichi-kichi, Naokichi Appears!
Ran's newest love interest, Naoki, seems perfect. The only problem is he's Tatsuki's brother!
7 Oct. 2001
Yuya, Crying, Talks About Being a Man
Naoki falls for Miyu, but what will he do when he discovers she's in love with Yamato?
14 Oct. 2001
Mami-rin, Love-Love, Falls for Yuya
Ran is caught in an interesting love triangle when Mami falls for Yuya not knowing he only has eyes for Ran.
21 Oct. 2001
Bukuro, In Circles, Mystery of the Extension
Mami's new hair extensions prove to be more trouble than they're worth when mysterious men show up at her doorstep.
28 Oct. 2001
Welcome, Exciting, Grand Opening! Palm Tree
Ran is after a criminal who tried to rob the new café owned by legendary Gal idol Towa Himejima.
4 Nov. 2001
Ran-pyon, Irritated, a New Rival?!
An anonymous villain begins stealing the Gals' property and threatens to continue if they don't retire.
11 Nov. 2001
Kasumi, Pissed, the Great Plot for Revenge
Ran's newest rival has arrived on the scene and she's set up traps for Ran throughout Shibuya.
18 Nov. 2001
Aya-ppe, Teary-Eyed, Otohata Syndrome
The arrival of a new boy triggers Aya's doubt about her relationship with Otohata.
25 Nov. 2001
Romantic Forecast, Unclear, Otohata and then Katase?!
Aya is caught between two men in her life: Otohata and Katase.
2 Dec. 2001
Hot Springs, Viva Viva, the Gal Incident in the Northern Steam Clouds
Ran faces criminal charges when she's fingered as the prime suspect of a crime.
9 Dec. 2001
Secret, Revealed, Mami-rin in Danger!
When Mami's big secret is revealed, she becomes worried about her relationship with Yuya.
16 Dec. 2001
Heart, Aching, Otohata's Words
When Naka-teach sees a ghost at school he asks Ran to accompany him during his night duty.
23 Dec. 2001
Christmas Eve, Ring-Ring, Emergency Bell of Love
Ran and Tatsuki's relationship is tested during the holiday season.
6 Jan. 2002
Ran-pyon, Dizzy, Becomes Sayo!?
Strange things happen on New Year's day when Sayo buys a good luck bag, which switches her and Ran's personalities.
13 Jan. 2002
Shibuya Soldier, Mystery, Maru-Q Moon
There's a new hero in Shibuya and her name is Maru-Q Moon.
20 Jan. 2002
Taizo, Enthusiastic, Police Training Project!
Taizo reminisces about Ran and her childhood aspirations.
27 Jan. 2002
Pure Love, Nervous, Rie's Love Tale
Rei secretly admires Junichi Ota, the boy who saved her in elementary school when bullies picked on her.
3 Feb. 2002
Killed in the Line of Duty, Weeping, Odaiba Shark's Final Day!
Everyone is mourning the passing of Detective Kudoh.
10 Feb. 2002
Signs of Love, Various, Valentine's Day
It's Valentine's Day but Tatsuki and Ran's relationship has been rocky and they fear it may be over.
17 Feb. 2002
Clash, Slurp Slurp, Ramen Battle!
Kuroi's noodle house experiences trouble when a new chain opens nearby.
24 Feb. 2002
Kasumi, Toasty Warm, Her Dream Coat
Tension arises when Kasumi and Ran both have their eye on the same coat.
3 Mar. 2002
Gal Battle, Fierce, Mami-rin Finished?!
Mami challenges Ran to a final showdown at an upcoming festival.
10 Mar. 2002
Heartbreak, Painful, Miyu's Place to Call Home
Miyu must choose between studying for finals or working to support her family.
17 Mar. 2002
Misgivings of the Heart, Stirring, Cold Spring Breeze
Finals have started and if Ran fails one exam she'll have to repeat the entire first year again.
24 Mar. 2002
Friendship, Smiles, ID Plates of the Heart
Aya keeps hearing rumors about Ran and Rei. Can she find the courage to ask Rei if the gossip is true?
31 Mar. 2002
Goodbye, Ran-ran, the Skies of Shibuya Remain Unchanging
It's one year later! What's happened to all of our favorite gals?

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