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Season 3: Some plotting issues weaken it but in its death-throws it is still head and shoulders above the standard of TV sitcoms

Author: bob the moo from United Kingdom
30 September 2008

Quickly it transpires that the authorities have not jailed George Senior but his twin brother Oscar and, rectifying their mistake, George Sr is captured and put under house arrest with an electrical tag. Now claiming to Michael that he was set up by a shadowy British group, he pleads innocent to the charges and prepares for his day in court. During his investigation into these shadowy British figures, Michael travels to the "Wee Britain" part of town and meets a lovely but dipsy woman who of course is in no way connected to the shadowy organisation Michael was warned of by his father.

Season 3 of Arrested Development arrived in the post to me with an air of finality as I knew that this shorter season was it, with the series being axed in the way that all wonderful things seem to be in a television world of mediocrity and cookie-cutter sitcoms. Watching it I found myself frustrated and confused as to why it had been deal the final blow because, although it is not as good as the two previous seasons, season 3 is still very funny for the majority. Obviously the viewers were never there for it but, speaking for the UK I would like to thank BBC2 for consistently screening it on weeknights after midnight without an actual slot to remember – the only way to have seen it in the UK on terrestrial would have been to have eagle eyes on the TV listings. Anyway, season 3 is more of the very smart and incredibly inventive comedy that fans are used to. To describe any of the jokes to anyone who hasn't seen it, you realise just how contrived it all is – and if you don't believe me then try describing the Godzilla episode and you'll see. However when you watch it, it all just works together so well that you never feel like that and you understand just how creative it is within the contrivances of the plot and I am still astonished at how they come up with it.

The weakness here is in the plotting. The English spy thread produces plenty of laughs but is more obtrusive as a plot and it does "feel" like it is forced in a way that the normal plots do not. This improves once it gets back to the focus on the family and the business but by this point the season was climbing up to the gallows for execution. What this means per episode is that we do get plenty of references to the show and its demise written into the material; some of it is funny but too much of it just seems too obvious for a show as smart as this. These are my two problems with season 3, however the overwhelming thing is the comedy and this is almost as brilliant as ever. The characters remain very funny, the jokes are wildly creative and the delivery is pitch perfect from all involved. Bateman is VERY good at this sort of comedy and he is perfect yet again. Likewise Cera gets his awkward character bang on. Hale, Arnett, Cross, Tambor and Walter are all brilliant, as are de Rossi and Shawkat, even if they seem to has less to do. Unseen (apart from once) Howard's narration is really effective – with his "actually" lines producing a lot of laughs. A shame that Winkler wasn't back, but Baio is a good reference and a very funny character name. Theron didn't really do it for me and she was part of the problem with her thread. Otherwise though, there wasn't really a weak link in the main cast.

And so it ended, with a final episode that nicely mirrored the first one while still keeping the "it doesn't need to always be real as long as it is funny" approach. It is criminal that it didn't get the viewers but at least with it ending now you have a total package to point people at so they can catch up. I have been putting my DVD's of The Wire in the hands of anyone who will give them a go (6 people, 5 converts so far) and Arrested Development is so good that I will be doing the same with my DVD's of this. Shame it is gone but it is hard to be depressed about something that makes me laugh as hard as this does.

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All good things....

Author: gizmomogwai from Canada
10 September 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is the last episode of Arrested Development, being the last part of the four-part finale also including Fakin' It, Family Ties and Exit Strategy. It's sad that the show was lost, but this series of episodes is also easily the best part of season 3. Development Arrested models itself after the Pilot in portraying the family finally clear of George's legal problems. But the ending isn't a happy one; despite beating the legal system, the family left to its own devices destroys itself. Lindsay finds out she's adopted and considers leaving her marriage, Michael discovers the incestuous relationship between George Michael and Maeby, Lucille sells the company, and George Michael learns he lost his girlfriend Ann to his older uncle GOB. This episode actually made me angry that the family did all this to each other, and I wasn't crazy about the adoption revelations, but those mixed feelings may have been the point. Again, it wasn't a happy ending for a series about picking yourself up after hardship. But it was master storytelling.

Development Arrested brings everything together to a dramatic conclusion, with Michael and George Michael sitting with each other on the boat being the classic final scene. Michael finally brings a moral to the story of incest and maybe of the story generally- family is a bond that lasts forever. From a comedic point of view this episode is also good, with Tobias' innuendos being worked in and tension still lingering between George Michael and Maeby. Altogether, Development Arrested isn't as good as the Extended Pilot on which it's based, but it's right up there with the best episodes. A must-see for any Arrested Development fan.

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Arrested Development: Season 3 Finale and Overall Opinions

Author: cmc4794
3 January 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I, unfortunately, am one of those people who did not catch this hilarious gem of a show when it was on air (2003-2006.) However, my sister introduced the show to me when she was beginning to watch it with her boyfriend. She thought that I would "enjoy it." Well, she was VERY right! So, I went online to and began to watch. Instantly I was intrigued. Here was something that was not overly dependent on sexual innuendo to get a bunch of laughs. This was comedy; this was witty. The family dynamic of the show is what makes you love each character.

But believe me, there were some characters I just did not like (Ann, namely). So, I kept burning through each episode, hungry for more, wanting to know more about these mysteriously hilarious Bluths.

However, I would mainly like to comment on the finale: Development Arrested. Overall, I enjoyed this episode, but I was sad because I knew it was ending. The twists were funny, but sometimes became crude, especially the fact that Lindsay wants to marry her own brother at the end (even though we find out that Lindsay is adopted). The whole G.O.B./Ann angle was a bit disturbing too, but I did enjoy seeing George-Michael punch his uncle.

I must say that my favorite characters are Michael and George Michael, and Maeby. Plus, I liked the George-Michael/Maeby pairing, even though it was wrong because they are cousins. They just had such an awkward chemistry. And I love Michael because he is so level-headed and he is a great guy all around. Plus, his inability to date without seeming silly is hilarious, though I didn't really care for Rita in the earlier episodes of season 3.

Development Arrested packs a punch, even though it's not as funny as earlier episodes. I love the Bluths and the Funkes and I must agree with everyone else and say that this show certainly broke boundaries in comedic sitcoms. I just wish I could have enjoyed it on television and that the series had not been canceled.

However, I am greatly looking forward to the 2009 film version of Arrested Development. I'm hoping it will pick up a few years after the series ended. Of course, I will continue to watch the shows and will perhaps inquire about the DVDs. Meanwhile, I know where I can go to watch online to get my AD fix.

I just love this show and all the characters and I hope that they are all back for the movie! And now, I will leave you with an AD quote: "There's always money in the banana stand!"

*Edit* Did no one else notice the hilarious joke in the beginning of the episode in the office where an employee is injured and he's wearing nothing but a long button-up shirt, socks, and sunglasses? It's a parody of that Tom Cruise movie "Risky Business." I LOVE IT!

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Lazy and Crazy

Author: ZTrainExpress from United States
4 January 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was so juiced to see this final episode of Arrested Development. However, it was extremely disappointing. I felt that instead of relying on humor and original plots - their bedrocks - the writers relied almost entirely on shocking revelations.

Michael and his twin aren't really twins! Michael's sister is three years older! Gob is sleeping with Ann! These were completely unbelievable plot twists that were actually extremely UNFUNNY. Lindsay finds out she and Michael aren't related and immediately tries to sleep with him? Then Gob tries to have sex with Lindsay? Then Gob is secretly dating a 16 year old? Exactly what's funny about all that? Those things were just plain disturbing.

One of the things I love about Arrested Development is its ability to be edgy without going completely over the edge. But I thought in this last episode, they gave in to sensationalism and shock instead of doing what they did best - giving us the best plot and jokes on TV!

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