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Season 2

15 Nov. 2007
Rick appears as the celebrity oracle partnering a woman on a game show Trick or Treat,naming the blue whale and not the giraffe as the world's tallest mammal. Not only does he end up on the Dunces and Dorks website of dumb quiz show answers but has to make good his promise to his partner that he will buy her the star prize car if they fail to win it. His efforts to buy a cheap car and pass it off as the prize lead to yet another brush with the law whilst he causes a domestic crisis by insulting Magda,prompting her to threaten to give notice.
22 Nov. 2007
Rick gains heroic status after dissuading a suicidal paedophile from jumping to his death and cashes in on his new fame by asking the man he recognizes as a television producer to dinner to discuss a new project. However not only is Magda's dinner so foul it gets thrown out but the man is in fact the roofer who did some work for Rick previously so he has to pretend that he wants a new conservatory in order to save face.
29 Nov. 2007
Rick is caught speeding and sees that if he gets three more points he will be disqualified from driving. His attempts to persuade Marty, Mel and newly-qualified driver Magda to take the rap all fail and he ends up having to attend a speeding management course where he is humiliated by a sarcastic group leader. Michael asks him to front a campaign to save the local library but changes his mind on learning that Rick owes outstanding library fines and got into a ruck with the librarian as a result.
6 Dec. 2007
Rick agrees to take part in an appeal for the Human Cellular Combustion Syndrome charity - on behalf of people whose illness causes them to spontaneously combust. However it is a spoof and he has been set up and made to feel an idiot, After a row with Marty over who really writes his material Rick reluctantly agrees to an interview with one of Mel's clients,ice-skater Gina Therese,but feels an idiot again after the interview involves his being towed onto the rink in a giant ice skate.
13 Dec. 2007
Rick would rather be working on his new project,a show called 'Lying or Flying' but,when Mel goes down with the flu he agrees to take her calls for her,which proves harder than he expected. Magda offers her home-made soup to help Mel but as ever she has brought a recipe for disaster. Michael,who does not believe in illness,hosts a Third World Awareness Day at the cafe and Sam cons Rick into buying a T-shirt in its support.
20 Dec. 2007
On the face of it Rick is - for a change - an amazing success when he performs a stand-up routine for the Ganton Perinex pharmaceutical company but unfortunately prospective investors take some of his comments to heart and his success is short-lived. By the same token was it really such a good idea to get Michael's metal-detecting holiday a slot on a Wish You Were Here type show?
26 Dec. 2007
Rick has a small role in a film starring former Hollywood great Rita Stetler,Michael's father's pin-up girl but Rick considers it unprofessional to ask Rita for the autograph that Michael's father wants so he forges her signature. Then comes the news that Rita has been taken ill and is unlikely to come to Britain. Will Rick get away with it or will Alan,the lazy,football-obsessed electrician who is installing new power points in Rick's house,drop him in it?
3 Jan. 2008
Rick feels he deserves more out of life than endless corporate gigs for the likes of the Greenway supermarket chain so that when the call from Hollywood to write for a star comic comes he sees it as his ticket to fame - except that the call is actually for Marty,who jets off to the States. Initially Rick feels that he will make a bigger success as a solo writer but,beset by Sam and Ben's failed dog-walking scheme and Michael's accounts of his visits to cuddle parties,Rick is only too pleased to see that Marty has turned the job down.

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