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Great adventure for kids!
thea-2823 December 2006
I was lucky enough to see a screening of the finished film. This is a fantastic children's film; well produced and good character development. There is no violence, profanity or sex. This G picture is the kind of movie parents can feel good about taking their children to. The story focuses on friendship, teamwork, and preserving nature. The kids in the audience loved it because it was funny and a great adventure. The storyline focuses on three kids who embark on an adventure in the Louisiana swamps and encounter pirates, bad guys, ghosts, an adorable animatron, Labou, and treasure! Greg Aronowitz, who has worked on eleven of Steven Spielberg's films, wrote, directed and co-produced this picture which was financed and filmed in Louisiana. This is Aronowitz's first feature film. His talent is obvious and I am sure that this is the first of many for him. I can't wait until it is released so I can take my nieces and nephews to it. I will recommend Labou to all of my friends with kids.
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Check out this movie!
bryant-sheri26 May 2009
It's fun for kids of all ages and the G rating makes it perfect for the whole family! With pirates, ghosts, cowboys and adventure, this film offers a lot of different things for both boys and girls. Of course, nothing to me was a cute as the little swamp creature Labou, indigenous to the Louisiana Bayou. Legend says that his whistle heard throughout the plantations of the South was the inspiration for jazz! This movie won several film festivals around the country including "Best of Fest" at the Chicago Int'l Children's Film Festival, and "Best Family Film" at Houston World Fest, among others! It also has the Dove Foundation seal of approval. Labou shouldn't be missed!
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Kids will love it!
dcu90022465 May 2009
The kids will love to watch this movie over and over. It has just about everything-pirates, ghosts, hidden treasure, funny bad guys, a cute smart girl, a bully, an adorable nerd, and the cutest little creature they find in the swamp! What else could you want? It is set in and around New Orleans, so that adds some special flavor to it. The guy that plays the mayor is the real life mayor of the city, and the "Jazz Man" is New Orleans's legend Ellis Marsalis. G rated, with nothing inappropriate for the kids....that is hard to find these days. Adults will also find it entertaining. The special features on the DVD include great clips of how they made the animatronic puppets, interviews with the cast and crew and the story of how hurricane Katrina interrupted the whole shoot. This movie is a winner for sure for the whole family.
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Great Family Film!
jtbyrnes126 May 2009
I saw Labou with my 8 year old niece and several of her friends and we absolutely loved it! The film has an interesting mixture of fantasy and adventure that is reminiscent of the some of the classic kids movies of the 80's like Goonies and ET - The Extraterrestrial. It has all the ingredients of a great kids film: an intriguing story line (3 mischievous kids in search of long lost pirate treasure), memorable characters including a ghost pirate, two wily oilmen and a mystical swamp creature (the "Labou"), and compelling themes around the value of friendship, trust and perseverance in the face of adversity. The movie had nice pace to it, the actors were funny and memorable, and the culture of Louisiana was on perfect display throughout the film, including some poignant shots of the French Quarter and the surrounding bayous. Although the film is clearly geared toward kids, its story and script had broad appeal for all age groups. A must add to any family DVD collection!
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oyeghiyan16 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Don't like this movie at all. Thin and confusing plot, boring and long, with exaggerated and stereotypical acting. Lots of things happen, and it mixes up the plot. The acting is unrealistic. The movie is very long and it feels stretched, and it takes a while for a small problem to be solved. There is very little action. Filming is less like a movie than a fan film. The villains or "bad guys" in the movie can't be taken seriously, mostly because their voices are very stereotypical, so it doesn't seem as if there is too big of a conflict, and they are defeated too easily. Would not recommend to anyone except very young audiences. Anyone older probably would be bored. The computer effects are pretty good, and the Labou is likable, but the movie doesn't seem to really be about the Labou as much as the the people buying the swamp for oil.
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Another "formula" film for kids
hawked-off7 May 2011
This is not a bad film, especially considering the IMDb-estimated budget ($1M). It should be pointed out, however, that the basic structure of the cast/characters follows some pretty cliché'd stereotypes. The main "gang" that goes in search of Bayou Bob consists of two boys and a girl (in films of the 1930s and 1940s, for example, the gangs were almost always all-girl or all-boy in similar stories). This is not a problem, per se, but the perceptive adult should be asking why it is never two girls and a boy, or larger gangs where girls predominate, or, indeed, why (these days) is it virtually never all-boy or all-girl gangs? Variety may be the spice of life, but not of kids' films!

As for the individual characters, they, too are stereotypes: the gentle macho (Toddster); the sensible girl (Emily) whose opinions and instincts are right much more often than the boys; and the lovable, African-American nerd (Gavin) whose tech-savvy verbosity provides both plot devices and comic relief. These characters, especially Gavin, are lifted right out of the TV show "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide" (2004-07). The Asian Emily and African-American Gavin are, moreover, so obviously tokens that any sufficiently aware viewers (are there any?) will be groaning in embarrassment for the filmmakers. Why not make all the characters Asian? Or Pakistani? or any non-Caucasian combination? Even the swamp "monster" of the title is so obviously a descendant of E.T. that Spielberg should be considering copyright action. As for the "greedy oil tycoons buying up swampland to make an oil refinery" (quoted from the IMDb plot summary)? Shades -- no, rip-offs -- of Hoot (2006), and any number of other films and TV movies that pit kids against big-money interests, going all the way back to Bless the Beasts and Children (1971).

In summary, a reasonably watchable film that, like so many others, still leaves us longing for something new. It's as if the "industry" feels kids (and families) don't deserve anything truly original. This attitude is (almost) everybody's loss.
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If you grew up in the 80's like I did..
heliummacaroni10 January 2007
...Then you will love Labou. I've seen a number of screenings of the movie and it's still a kick each time. The film takes me back to the days when countless timeless films came out of the Hollywood 80's heyday. Movies like Goonies, Gremlins, ET and Explorers come to mind. Labou is full of adventure, clever characters, and warmth. Sadly, so many of those qualities seem to be lacking in today's films, where studios seem to be more concerned with recouping their investments, and weekend sales than creating movies that will last forever, especially films that can be enjoyed by folks of all ages. Children won't be able to resist the charming critter and the cast and story of Labou will have everyone enchanted. Even though I don't have kids of my own, this film is sure to have children falling in love with it. Those who came of age during some of the very best years of film production will find this story cozy and endearing, a refreshing change from the current crop of movies out there.
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Really Cute
yellowthegirl14 September 2007
I saw Labou recently at Power Morphicon and it was really cute, something i could take my 7 year old munchkin to see without having to worry at all, thats not to say I didn't enjoy it myself, I thought it was very funny, with a good plot as well. I hope this movie gets to theaters someday and is a hit, its well written, and something kids would totally enjoy. My favorite Characters were the two bad guys, because they were so funny with there over the top Texas accents and outfits. I've been in Texas for two years now and I thought that was great. I also liked the Pirate character, he was funny and cute, even with his clumsiness. I really wanted to see this movie because of the hype I'd heard that it was funny and it was worth the wait, definitely go see Labou when it comes out!
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Good for the kids
rrsafety5 July 2009
Saw it with a 3 year old, two 5 year olds, a six year old and a nine year old on DVD on a HDTV. The kids liked it. So that is all that counts, but there is a reason it went straight to DVD.

I didn't like the anti-oil company angle (cliched and not factual), but that's Hollywood for you. But generally okay... I would have preferred a different actor for the human pirate as this actor lacked any screen presence. The choice of Ray Nagin was unwise as he can't act a lick. He is no Fred Thompson, that is for sure.

The director is good. Give him a good script and he'll do something with it.
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Your kids will love it!
kts204 June 2009
There is a very good quality movie that is not only great for children to watch, but for the parents as well. There is great production value with this film and the location of New Orleans only adds to the film. The character of Labou is unique and it is great to see a director like Greg create a character like Labou from scratch and not just rely on special effects. The story has adventure, comedy, and friendships being made. Every boy will love the pirates and treasure aspect of it and the girls will fall in love with the cute character of Labou. The acting was great and the children were relatable. Great overall movie and destined to become a children's classic.
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Just watch Goonies
the_dude678916 December 2010
I'm flipping thru the channels and I see 3 kids w/ a small creature in one of the kids backpacks. Immediately I was reminded of Gizmo, then Mac from Mac and Me and ET. THEN I read the description of the movie.

"3 kids go out after school to see if there is truth to a legend of pirate gold." That's the plot of Goonies.

Since I can't rate it a 0, it gets a 1 out 10 of which really is extremely generous. This movie is really that bad, even for a direct to video kid's movie. More or less, make your kids watch this movie as punishment.

Save the trouble and just watch the Goonies.
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Great adventure
Shoe_to_the_23 February 2007
The 3 lead characters Todd, Gavin and Emily were great, Todd, aka the toddster is a bit of a showoff/bully, Gavin is the brains. Emily is the beauty who befriends labou. The three, well.. four, Go on an adventure to find treasure and stop the destruction of the Louisiana bayou from oil miners.

I got to see an advanced screening of this film out in la, and i must say it was a pretty cool movie, I will definitely be seeing this again in theaters when it is released. Labou is so cute! I want a Labou stuffed animal!

I'm hoping for a sequel.
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Excellent family movie.
ijduncan2 January 2007
I saw it at one of the test screenings and thought it was a treat! Cute creature, and nice to see the movie makers shooting in New Orleans.

I really like the set up and you are not just bombarded with special effects and CG, just some good young actors and a good adventure with a Goonies type feel. The creature is animatronic and it has a real texture to it that they can yet get right and I have only glimpsed with the likes of Golem and that creature in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

This one looks to be some good family fun if it gets released and from what i saw it certainly should.

Great comedic father and son duo and from what I can gather the Mayor in the story is the real mayor of New Orleans.
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Darling movie!
annebolynne29 May 2009
I saw this movie when I was over my daughter's friend's house. I went out today and bought 6 copies! I can't wait to give them to my nieces and nephew's (keeping one for my kids of course). It's got everything that a kid would love and everything a parent would love! Highly highly recommend it!

I always loved adventure movies growing up and now I get to share one with my kids! It's got pirates, ghosts, cowboys, and adorable creatures. It's like ET and Goonies combined.

I hope they make more of these. I know my kids have already watched it 8 times!
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