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  • It is currently available only via the website of the Tourette Syndrome Association. It's $13.99 for non-members, $9.99 for members, and $6.99 for members who buy 20 or more. Scroll down to the bottom of this site: http://store.tsa-usa.org/video.html

  • Tourette Syndrome is among the most widely misunderstood disorders in the world (starting with the fact that about 9 out of 10 people who have TS don't have the infamous involuntary cursing known as coprolalia). Because it affects children, it was decided to find a group of particularly well-spoken, engaging kids with TS who could explain it.

  • Sheila Nevins, head of documentary programming at HBO, has a now-adult son with Tourette's. She asked award-winning HBO director Ellen Goosenberg Kent to direct the documentary. HBO and the Tourette Syndrome Association shared the costs.

  • They were chosen from among several hundred applicants from across the United States. HBO sought applicants through the Tourette Syndrome Association.

  • They're all still in school -- the youngest of the stars is a fifth-grader, the oldest a high school senior. Aside from the inevitable ups and downs of adolescence, they're all doing better than ever. A few are interested in show business, but most have left their 15 minutes behind. Tourette's is not a major factor in any of their lives.


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