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A Great Show for Pre-K Kids!
mcgrad7 February 2006
Disney's Little Einsteins is a musical adventure for pre-kindergarten children. It is written and produced by the creators of the Baby Einstein videos and earns the same excellent reputation for educating and entertaining at the same time. The show follows four musically gifted youngsters (Annie sings, Leo conducts, Quincey plays many instruments, and June dances) as they go on "missions" with their musical friend, Rocket. The show teaches children musical terms (crescendo, staccato, etc.) and uses famous works of art and musical compositions in every episode. The missions are never scary and they are always interesting! The animation is darling, and I especially love that they use real children's voices for the characters-- it is so much more realistic! They also give plenty of "wait-time" after asking viewers to do something to give kids the chance to answer on their own! My daughter loves to pat along with the characters as Rocket takes off, and she sings and follows their directions for movement. Disney's Little Einsteins is a show I am HAPPY to share with my daughter!
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Great Show for KIds
Hayden Thomas21 December 2009
This show is great and educational for kids. It has classical music, lots of movement, and lovable characters.

There's the leader, Leo, who's the conductor. His little sister Annie makes up songs to sing for about everything. June is the ballerina, saving Rocket, their rocket, and as well other people, from certain things. Quincy can play any instrument like a professional. He can pull a piano from his back-pocket too! (Hey, what are you going to do, it's a kid's show?)

These four kids (their all six except five-year-old Annie) goes around the world on missions to save animals, find a treasure, etc. Like I said earlier, there's lots of movement. They ask the kids to dance with them or pat the beat, etc. Then Annie asks them to sing with them. At the end they always give notice to the composer of the music they used that day and the artist whom painting they used.

This show is very imaginative. I highly recommend it.
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Excellent and educational for toddlers
Kaety10 June 2006
Excellent show for small children. Has classical music content, including segments from Brahms, Mozart, Beethoven and others. Interactive sections for kids to clap along to and copy which encourages active rather than passive viewing. Fine art by renowned artists is also used in the cartoons as settings and scenes including works by Van Gogh, Klimt, Seuraat to name a few. Toddlers and preschoolers will find this entertaining and for regular viewers it has some common themes and reoccurring songs through the series. Toddlers love the music art and also the adventure aspect of the series. Every episode contains a "mission" in which the protagonists (4 little kids) have to solve a problem to reach the end.
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Amazingly good!
katjon26 February 2007
I first saw this was coming when I saw a preview DVD attached to another Disney movie. I was expecting it to be crap. No one in my family has ever cared for those "Baby Einstein's" videos. IMO they're not much more than glorified screen savers. They were too dull to ever keep the attention of my older son and we never really tried with my youngest. We never watched that preview DVD. You can expose your children to classical music by just putting the CD on and playing with them or turn on your own wind up toy, not sit them in front of a screen to watch it, save the money of the DVD. We started seeing commercials on Disney Channel. When it aired we decided to watched it as it was looking like it could be good. We were amazed to completely fall in love with it!. It's not just playing classical music for the heck of it, it teaches the concept of who the composer is. It teaches about fine art. It teaches the most basic level of music, my kids are learning music terms like Adagio, Forte, Diminuendo and on and on. And all the while the kids are on an adventure that keeps the interest of my children. One other thing I really like about this show is that it does not talk down to the children watching it. It does not have that condescending tone a lot of children's shows have (Barney is the worst offender in my book-to this day my kids still hate him!). It treats a child with respect and not as if they're stupid. It's one thing to talk simple to a child, it's another to talk down to them. I've taken it a step further in that I found all the pieces of music featured in the show so they can hear the entire piece. Now they'll hear the piece elsewhere and recognize it. So completely worth your time!
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The best children's show on TV
lilikoibabe19 November 2007
My 17 month old son has been watching this show for about 3 months. He recognizes the classical music from the shows. If he hears a recording of the songs, he stops what he is doing and listens to the music. He says, "Einsteins" and starts dancing around. He never slows down, he gets into everything and he is very persistent, but when he's watching this show nothing phases him. He is in a zone, not to be bothered. When the kids on the show are trying to figure something out, they ask is this the right door, path, etc. he says , "no." He totally interacts with the characters it is adorable. He even joins in when they pat to the beat and blast off. This is the only show/movie he pays attention to. The music is exceptional and the stories, though a bit cheesy, are very entertaining and educational. For young children, this show is a definite must see. It teaches basic music vocabulary and problem solving skills. The characters also help out others, usually animals or musical instruments. I never wanted my son to watch much television, maybe an hour per day. Playhouse Disney has a lot of really good programming for young children. No distasteful characters or weapons are shown. Little Einsteins is the one show that I let my son watch just about whenever he wants to. He doesn't watch TV, he has all of the DVDs, that is what he watches. He has seen other Playhouse Disney shows but this show is the only one he sits down to watch. I highly recommend it to young children and parents too.
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An assault on the senses
joesgirljeri1 March 2007
I don't even know where to start with this show. It makes me insane. The "singers" are awful; tone-deaf and usually off-beat. The songs aren't imaginative or catchy but they will stick in your head until you either get a headache or go crazy. The classical music is nice I guess, but it does little to stimulate or even hold the attention of my 1- and 3-year-olds. They're pretty indifferent to this show.

My main complaint is the bizarre leaps of logic the show uses to "solve" problems. "Quick Rocket! We have to have a family of dancing alligators to ferry us across this log jam in the river! Dance with the swimming alligators!!!" Isn't Rocket a.......... rocket? Can't he just fly over the river? Does the sound of a flute really stop a volcanic eruption? Does Rocket have to drive out of the way of a Mars sandstorm (instead of fly over it?) Does the team really need to enlist the help of 16 killer whales to hop across the ocean to chase down a bald eagle?

I'm all for teaching kids to solve problems and think creatively but this method of problem solving is less creative and more stupid. It's like the writers are just casting around in their energy drink overloaded minds for the first music-related problem/solution set they can come up with. It just goes to show that if you set anything to classical music and claim it will make your kid smarter, parents will eat it up.
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