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13 Jan. 2007
Quincy and the Magic Instruments
Quincy uses four magical instruments to rescue the other Little Einsteins who are marooned with Rocket, whose anchor is stuck to the bottom of the Arabian Sea!
13 Jan. 2007
Brothers and Sisters to the Rescue!
Annie and Leo and the rest of the team go on a mission to follow Hansel and Gretel's music note trail and save them from the mean witch who has trapped them in her gingerbread house.
29 Jan. 2007
The Glass Slipper Ball
The team helps June make it to the Glass Slipper Ball in Vienna, Austria so June can try on the glass slipper that will only fit the foot of a great dancer. Along the way, June teaches Rocket how to dance!
14 Feb. 2007
Annie's Love Song
The Little Einsteins go on an undersea mission to reunite two hermit crabs whose special friendship song makes everyone feel friendly.
26 Feb. 2007
Melody, the Music Pet
Leo and the team help Melody the Music Pet to find her golden ticket so she can take the Pet Train to a new home and a conducting-loving owner.
12 Mar. 2007
The Puppet Princess
June and the team help three puppets make it to their puppet show after they fall off the traveling puppet theater and get left behind.
26 Mar. 2007
Super Fast!
Leo and the team use Rocket's new ability to go adagio, moderato, allegro, and presto - super fast! - to save three flying pigs who are in trouble.
9 Apr. 2007
He Speaks Music
Annie and the team find a lost Baby Chimp who speaks only with music and with Annie as translator, they go on a mission to reunite the Chimp with his parents.
30 Jan. 2007
Hello, Cello!
When a lost Baby Cello hatches from his case, Quincy and the team must help Baby Cello find his mommy, learning more about the beautiful instruments along the way.
4 May 2007
Annie and the Little Toy Plane
Annie and the team are in hilly San Fransisco today to try out Annie's new toy - an adorable little Purple Plane. Amazingly, the toy plane is powered by Annie's singing voice. When Annie sings high, the little plane can fly up into the air! Just then, the team hears a toy Green Helicopter who is in terrible trouble. The helicopter is stuck wayyy at the top of the tallest Redwood Tree. That's very high! But Annie's little toy plane is bravely determined to try and save his friend. On this mission, Annie must sing Purple Plane over taller and taller obstacles such as ...
12 May 2007
Carmine's Big Race
Quincy and the team help a special racing music car named Carmine to play his trumpet engine, trombone horn, and bass drum tires so he can win the Grand Prix.
12 May 2007
The Great Sky Race Rematch
Vroom Zoom! All the greatest flying machines are gathering today for a race around the world -- it's the Great Sky Race! Rocket won last time, but this time tricky Big Jet cheats! Before the race begins, Big Jet uses his bopper to smash Rocket's flying button. Now Rocket can't be a rocket ship and fly anymore. But Rocket isn't giving up. Even though he can't fly, Rocket can still go fast - bouncing with his Pogo Bouncer, chugging as a Rocket Train, and swimming through the ocean as a Rocket Submarine. The Little Einsteins will have to keep transforming Rocket into new...
27 Jun. 2007
Sleeping Bassoon
The Little Einsteins read Quincy's favorite fairy tale.
30 Jul. 2007
Rocket Soup
The Little Einsteins make a hungry Rocket his favorite food: Rocket Soup.
20 Aug. 2007
The Blue Footed Booby Bird Ballet
June's dance students, four blue-footed booby birds, have a dance recital!
14 Sep. 2007
Little Red Rockethood
When Rocket's Grandma is in bed with a cold.
8 Oct. 2007
The Puzzle of the Sphinx
The Great Sphinx asks for help with a puzzle.
29 Oct. 2007
The Wild Goose Chase
A cute baby goose follows Rocket instead of his flock.
10 Nov. 2007
Annie and the Beanstalk
The team reads a story about a golden goose who has a beautiful voice.
7 Dec. 2007
The Wind Up Toy Prince
June performs a ballet about a toy prince.

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