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Doctor Who meets Doom3

Author: reephamike-1 from United Kingdom
10 June 2006

This was an excellent 2-part episode, although I had never been seen the older ones, I never thought the doctor would go up against anything that is paranormal, extra terrestial of course but not paranormal.

This episode brings the things that we most fear and how would we humans, in a futuristic time, would fight and defeat real live evil when most odds say that would be impossible.

Being that it's a family film I am surprised that they brought some stuff in like fear and faith, especially if its also going to entertain American audiences. But who care about what Yanks say, we rock! Doctor Who has shown potential ever since from episode one from the new series in 2005, first being so harmless to scary, from fun to serious, from light to darkness. I hope many old fans will one day soon say "The old Doctor Who has returned".

10 out of 10

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Outstanding Sci-Fi

Author: Tony Howe from London, England
4 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This two-parter was excellent - the best since the series returned. Sure bits of the story were pinched from previous films, but what TV shows don't do that these days. What we got here was a cracking good sci-fi story. A great big (really scary) monster imprisoned at the base of a deep pit, some superb aliens in The Ood - the best "new" aliens the revived series has come up with, a set of basically sympathetic and believable human characters (complete with a couple of unnamed "expendable" security people in true Star Trek fashion), some large-scale philosophical themes (love, loyalty, faith, etc.), and some top-drawer special effects.

I loved every minute of this.

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Devilishly Scary

Author: The_Sandheaver from United Kingdom
7 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the scariest and most intriguing episodes of Doctor Who. This is a thrilling psychological ride and you will probably find your own beliefs being thrown into question. Riddled with spine-chilling moments, this is an episode no "Who" fan can afford to miss.

Starting from when the pit was opened after the events in "The Impossible Planet", the Doctor and Ida are trapped and are running out of air. With no other alternatives, they decide to find what lies at the bottom of the pit, an event which surpasses even The Doctor's expectations. Whilst there, the Doctor is forced to make what he considers to be the ultimate sacrifice...

Meanwhile, Rose and the other members of the Planet try to find a way to fend off the Ood, whose minds have been poisoned by the Beast. Also, is Toby Zed truly cured of his possession by the Beast?

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leap of faith

Author: movieman_kev from United States
24 January 2007

I thoroughly enjoyed the first part of this two parter, The Impossible Planet, and was slightly worried that the second part wouldn't hold up quite so well as has been true in the past of the two parters of the past 2 Who series. But thankfully my fears were unfounded as I found myself enjoying this episode as much as the previous one. Anyway we start off with the surviving crew members on the run from the Ood, whom have become the Devil's pawn. There is also a bit of philosophizing on the Doctor's part in the episode that I quite enjoyed. Needless to say it was a good solid Doctor Who story. Might be a tad too intense for the younger viewers though.

My Grade: B+

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the Doctor vs Satan. Yes please!

Author: MisterWhiplash from United States
26 January 2015

Though not entirely obfuscated in the first part of this two-parter - The Impossible Planet - the enemy here is none other than Satan/Lucifer/Prince of Darkness. What makes it clever here is that the writers don't really make it a connection to Christianity; matter of fact in this case, it's an entity who is "before time" - which, naturally, puzzles the Doctor immensely. The plot here continues from the first part where the Doctor and Rose, sans their Tardis which has fallen somewhere miles below on this planet which is being mined and is above a black hole, are stuck in a situation with a bunch of beleaguered, Aliens-esqe space crew and the "Ood", alien creatures who get controlled by Satan and attack everyone on board.

Indeed for the first half this is kind of a giant Aliens homage, or at least that's how I read it. Not that it's a bad thing though, on the contrary it's lots of fun and mostly terror seeing the characters have to maneuver through the ship to get out of the path of the Ood through ventilation shafts (the one guys shooting at the oncoming Ood made me think of it more than anything). Meanwhile the Doctor is at the core of the planet and decides, such as the Doctor will do, to go even further into the 'Pit', where... something may be.

The ultimate showdown doesn't have quite so much action as the Doctor figuring things out in his Doctor-y way (and as David Tenant does with abounding wonder with his "I GOT IT!" moments) as there are other things involved that I shouldn't go into too much (if you haven't seen it by now that is and are reading this). But as cheesy as the CGI for the beast is, it's the human beings that make up what works so well here. Rose is especially compelling, especially among the space crew who are all just trying to stay alive and not let any more people die. There's so much heart here that it's almost a shock this wasn't the season finale; a planet, after all, is sinking into a black hole with forms of Satan riding about, trying to reclaim (lost) power.

But such is the way of this show. Jolly lot!

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Ood and Cthulhu?

Author: mbuckley-2 from United Kingdom
15 June 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Anyone find it interesting that the Ood look strangely similar to the 'Great Cthulhu' of H P Lovecraft vintage? hmmm?

Great pair of episodes (not referring to Billie Piper as most seem to do!) in The impossible Planet and The Satan Pit.

Also the link to 'Legion' I think also used in Who before and also referring to Satan in various novels post Exorcist era...

Great suspense episodes utilising fear and faith elements. The new team for these 'who's are working great magic for TV.

This certainly creates new fears and 'hide behind the sofa' feelings not seen for many, many years in this continuation of a superb BBC series (pity it is confirmed by the BBC that Billie Piper is quitting - perhaps not permanently - after end of series 2) :O(((

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Quatermass in space

Author: John Seal from Oakland CA
20 February 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit together comprise the two best episodes of the 'new' Doctor Who's second season. Having said that, it should be obvious that much of the story basically transposes the plot of Quatermass and the Pit (1967) to an outer space setting, with the history of the universe intertwined with that of the Beast 666. These episodes cement the emotional ties between Rose and the Doctor, whilst also highlighting Rose's increasing self-confidence, establishing her as a not-quite-equal-yet-but-getting-there partner with our beloved Time Lord. Also of note is Matt Jones elegant screenplay, which decreases the occasional over-reliance on one-liners for the Doctor, and the performances of the entire cast, most notably the excellent Shaun Parkes as acting Captain Zachary Cross Flane.

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This plays on our fundamental fears and wins.

Author: Paul Evans from Swansea, United Kingdom
15 August 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The opener was a definite high point, so expectations were very high for The Satan Pit.

The Satan Pit plays on the fundamental fears we all have as people, when the Doctor discusses the urge to jump with Ida it's actually a really scary moment, definitely more geared up to an older age group, the kids would get their fix with Fear her.

The production values again are superb, everything looks quality, I bet those sets cost big bucks to put together.

They build up a real feeling of claustrophobia, all the characters feel in danger with no sense of escape. Rose plays a very strong role in taking on the killer Ood. Danny Webb's demise is again well played out, and there is true impact on everyone. The Doctor's jump down into nothingness is simple but very effective, and the final confrontation is superb.

The monster itself is tremendously well realised, again playing on basic fundamental fears. Tennant plays the scenes out fantastically well, he's taken the show up another notch.


Overall I think it's a fantastic episode, the real stuff of nightmares.

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1st part was better, but this one is good too.

Author: Davis
21 August 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I had high hopes that the cliffhanger at the end of first episode would reveal something terrible. Instead, it left us with nothing. Just an opened pit that goes deep below. We were all half expecting something to just crawl out of the hole and start something going, but nothing happened. Later, we find out that was just a key to getting inside a prison where the Beast is being held. While the Doctor tries to return, the beast cuts off power and starts talking to the crew and the Doctor. They had 1 incredible dialogue where The Beast left Doctor with no words and managed to put fear in their bones by howling at them from the screen. The rest of the episode is devoted to characters trying to escape oods and knock them out in order to escape and that's what they do, but not everything turned out as planned. The Beast was still had a control over Toby's mind and Doctor jumped inside the pit, only to find the Beast in chains with 2 vases standing in front of him (I don't know why they went with the vases when I think they could've done a lot more with the pit). Apparently, the Beast's body is just kind of there, but its mind is away in Toby, so we didn't get to see another fight between the Doctor and the Beast, instead, Toby is simply shot out of the space ship; the Doctor broke the vases (which turned out to be the power source they were looking for) and conveniently, before all hell goes loose, Doctor somehow finds his Tardis in the pit and saves the day.

Now, I gotta admit, I expected a lot out of this episode and I don't understand why most people think this 2nd part is better than the 1st. I mean, the Beast cgi is awesome, the dialogue between Doctor and the Beast is awesome, there was some tension, but it sort of faded away the moment oods were knocked down. Other than these 3 factors, I don't see why this episode is considered better. I personally would give it a solid 6/10, because it was entertaining (with some plot holes), but due to awesome Beast cgi and the most clever dialogues ever made in DW, I'm giving it a 7/10.

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There's no backing down in this incredible follow-up

Author: Jonathan Roberts from United Kingdom
7 February 2017

As I was hoping, the writer(s) of this episode chose not to back down from the groundbreaking revelations introduced in "The Impossible Planet", and The Doctor comes face to face with something far more menacing than almost any of his previous foes. But neiter he nor the titular antagonist are the star of this episode.

Rose is awarded several of her strongest, most driven moments yet. Cut off from The Doctor, she assumes a leading role in the handling of the Ood threat. When she isn't following along as the companion, Billie Piper is capable of giving some very good performances. You'll find such a performance in "The Satan Pit", which I really think is a Rose episode.

The host of supporting characters, with the exception of the still-eerie Toby, are more entertaining in this episode than in "The Impossible Planet", and the point at which they realised they had to cooperate is rather well-written.

Overall, this stands as one of my favourite episodes to date, rivalled only by the first season's Dalek episodes.

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