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Ron Pearse: The federal prosecutors and myself have been told to clear our calendars for the next five months so trial is upon us and the Feds have reached a complete accounting of your worth

[shows him his financial statements]

Johnny 'Sack' Sacramoni: [Looking through his financial statements] The vintage Wurlitzer? They go through my fucking sock drawer?

Ron Pearse: They shot a video the day of your arrest they even tracked down the one hundred eighty thousand in Boca Raton under your father's name they estimate your net worth at five million

Johnny 'Sack' Sacramoni: While Ginny lives on scraps

Ron Pearse: Between your cash and portfolios with Fidelity and Vanguard your 401k and severance from Essany scaffolding condo in Deal Beach at four hundred fifty, Maserati, Ginny's Yukon and your house and its contents valued at one million two hundred thousand

Johnny 'Sack' Sacramoni: Is all this part of your plan? To make me so depressed I'd hang myself?

Ron Pearse: It's my obligation to raise again the idea of cooperating

Johnny 'Sack' Sacramoni: Flip? Let me explain something to you again, but differently, being a rat where I come from, is like asking someone like you to be a fucking Nazi and I don't want to hear that shit again

Ron Pearse: Good because I don't represent turn coats

Johnny 'Sack' Sacramoni: Because it would kill your practice

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