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  • A European count arrives at the hacienda looking for the Eagle, not knowing that he has left to take new headquarters in the town. Investigating to find out what the count's business with the Eagle is, Diego and Bernardo discover that cannonballs are being brought into Varga's headquarters hidden inside art vases.


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  • A man arrives at the de la Vega hacienda to visit The Eagle, not knowing he relocated to Los Angeles. Diego recognizes the man as Count Kolinko, a Russian ambassador he met in Spain. Diego learns the ambassador is bidding on California against Señor Brighton of England. Don Alejandro interrupts and tells Kolinko he is forming a citizen's army that is loyal to Spain. Kolinko realizes he was tricked by Diego into giving too much information and leaves. Kolinko meets The Eagle, who is amused when Kolinko suggests Diego is dangerous. Diego and Bernardo later discover The Eagle is smuggling cannon balls into his new headquarters as part of his plan to attack Los Angeles. Zorro spies on The Eagle and learns the cannon is currently hidden somewhere on a cart with a broken wheel. When The Eagle leaves, Zorro finds the cannon balls in a storage room. Greco discovers Zorro, and brings the soldiers to fight him. Zorro escapes and meets Bernardo. Zorro deduces the broken cart with the cannon is at the blacksmith shop for repairs. Zorro forces the blacksmith to leave, but then realizes the cart cannot be moved with a broken wheel. Zorro and Bernardo decide to blow up the cannon so it cannot be used against Los Angeles. Zorro accidentally lights the fuse while Bernado is stuck between the cart and a post. Zorro is able to save Bernardo, but does not escape the explosion himself. The Eagle and his men arrive to find the cannon exploded and Zorro's cape in the rubble. They believe Zorro is dead, but Bernardo finds him alive under the rubble after they leave.

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