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Nobody Had That Chiseled Face Quite Like Jack Palance!
ccthemovieman-16 May 2010
Few people ever played the villain while looking totally evil like Jack Palance. He had that chiseled lean face than exuded nastiness when he wanted it. Heck, even dogs went running at the sight of one glare from Palance (see "Shane"). We see that look early on in this episode as Palance plays "Dan Morgan," a handy guy with the lariat.

One day, Morgan is bullying some poor guy in a bar and after he throws his lariat around the guy, the latter falls and dies. That's the opening scene. After the usual informative introduction by host Dick Powell, who tells us that the lariat was almost as important to the cowboy as his horse, the story resumes and we find out Morgan was given five years in jail for his actions.

Yes, it was an accidental killing but he had been warned about his behavior, so he got five years "in a stinkin' little cell," as he bitterly put it. When he's out, he comes looking for the judge, with revenge on his mind.

Without giving too much else away, that mean guy with the lariat starts to change his tune when he sees the judge's daughter. Hmmmm.....maybe I ought take the judge up on his offer, he thinks.

Complications arise from that relationship, or non-relationship (it's hard to tell, as we find out) and from the rest of the family's look at developments. This turns out to be a little melodramatic in several spots but with Palance and company you can usually expect an edgy type of story.
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The Rope Killer
bkoganbing23 November 2016
Jack Palance stars in this Zane Grey Theater story about a man who accidentally kills someone in a saloon. Palance is a handy man with a rope and probably wishes he started doing lariat tricks like Will Rogers. In a freak accident he throws his rope over a man at a saloon just playful like. Only the man falls over and breaks his neck.

That earns Palance a five year stretch for manslaughter in prison. Now Palance is out for vengeance against Judge Addison Richards. And he intends to romance the judge's daughter Constance Ford, love her and leave her to do it.

Truly Palance was one of the most menacing villains ever on screen. He's terrifying just with a look. I don't think however the story here was too coherent.

But Jack Palance is always worth a look.
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