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The old world and the new west
bkoganbing27 December 2016
Fernando Lamas makes his second of two appearances on the Zane Grey Theater. In this one he is an Italian agent of Giuseppe Garibaldi who is involved in a con game to get the mined gold from the estate of a late Italian immigrant who struck it rich in America.

Like so many immigrants the late mine owner was involved in the affairs of his former country. Lamas decides to pretend he is the long lost brother of the mine owner and the estate would be his.

Mary LaRoche is the woman the brother was supposed to marry, but she and her father Wilton Graff smell a rat. Lamas too is conscience stricken as to whether to sully the reputation of Garibaldi with a con game against neutrals.

Despite some holes in the story I rather liked the idea of a western about a most unusual subject. Kudos to Dick Powell and the Zane Grey Theater for this one.
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