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Oh... picked these up in the bargain.

Author: Muldernscully from Roy, Utah
20 November 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Provenance revisits the themes first introduced in season six's 'Biogenesis', with the alien artifact which is actually a piece of an alien spacecraft. It is nice to get away from the lame Super Soldier storyline, and it helps this episode to be a bit better. The mythology is still struggling at this point in the series, with the whole "William=Christ child" theme, which isn't much better than the Super Soldiers. Back to the episode.

To start out, the teaser is a bit unbelievable. The motorcycle would not explode upon impact after that jump and crash. It might get smashed up and later catch on fire, but not upon impact.

When Scully introduces Doggett to the rubbings of the spacecraft, she surprisingly insults him by saying, "A spacecraft. Agent Doggett, if you can wrap your brain around that." I thought those two had progressed beyond petty insults like that.

Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz, the writers of the episode, must have figured that Skinner has been on the agents' side for too long, so they put him back on the fence, which is a good position for him, struggling between his position and doing what's right.

You can tell that Doggett is fully inducted into the x-files now. He breaks into Skinner's desk to get the file on Agent Comer and the rubbings; a very Mulderesque thing to do.

Here is a potential plot hole for the episode: The X-Files generally goes along with real time, with the episodes taking place about the same month that they air. Two months ago, Doggett sees Mulder in Trust No 1 at a distance. In Provenance, Doggett discovers that Agent Comer went undercover six months ago. He sent a communication that Agent Mulder was already dead, that they were trying to confirm. So unless that communication happened less than two months ago, they know that Mulder was alive in 'Trust No 1'.

Once again, as in 'Hellbound', Scully has to get a babysitter in the middle of the night, for an issue that can wait until morning. Doggett and Reyes have to be more considerate of Scully and her situation.

Gillian Anderson does some superb acting in this episode. But why isn't the cut on Scully's head healed when she grabs the artifact? It healed Agent Comer.

I feel bad that they stick the Lone Gunmen in at the end of the episode just so that they can lose William. That's pitiful. It makes them look like complete doofuses being overcome by one woman with a gun. They deserve better than that.

Provenance follows in the footsteps of past mythology episodes with fine drama and exciting action. The storyline isn't up to par with past season mythology episodes, leaving it a little short of perfection.

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So tired of seeing Skully well up with tears

Author: John RossStar
17 August 2013

I'd swear i'm watching 'The Bold and the Beautiful'. What is it with Gillian having to tear up in nearly every scene?! This Messianic Baby theme is akin to Fonzy 'jumping the shark' IMO. I think the additional actors did justice to the show but it's Skully who lost her edge. I just don't get it. I guess the writers were having to scuffle since they didn't even know if there would be a season 9 or not for a long time.

Plus there is never any convincing excuse for Mulder to be in hiding. I think a better premise would have been him having infiltrated the Illuminati type group and plant a bomb at a meeting between them and the highest-ranking aliens ala Operation Valkyrie against Hitler. But have Smoking Man be the wounded surviving 'hitler'. This would be after Mulder seemingly excepts his offer to join his covert group but to be a double-agent. Now THAT would be a great excuse to go into hiding and something we could all buy into. It'd been a great scene to see a bunch of big-eyed alien generals get blasted to bits in a conference room but Smoking Man is saved by a large oak table leg! Oh well, what could have been!

(I've been watching the entire episodes on amazon prime for the first time)

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FBI cult guy tries to kill alien baby Jesus

Author: Sanpaco13 from Sandy, UT, United States
12 February 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Provenance and its counterpart Providence are two episodes that I might actually enjoy if I actually cared about the Scully's-baby-is-an-alien-Jesus-storyline. but I don't so I won't waste to much time on these reviews. The story of the first episode is as follows: an FBI agent infiltrates a UFO cult that believes Scully's baby to be an alien savior that will save all the aliens when they invade Earth. But the cult is made up entirely of humans who will also be destroyed when the invasion occurs. Explain to me then why they actually are trying to help the aliens? The FBI agent does infiltrate the cult but in the process becomes convinced of the truth of what they believe and comes back to kill William because of some alien cult prophecy saying something like "when Mulder dies, then William will cause humans to die and aliens to come to earth" or something like that. But we of course know that Mulder is not dead so Mr. FBI cult guy has some obvious bad intel. The investigation is kept very hush hush from Scully because nobody wants her to get personally involved, however, things occur such as people trying to murder her baby that clue her into the cover up and she gets mad and doesn't trust anyone anymore except Reyes, Doggett, and the Lone Gunmen. She shoots FBI cult guy in her apartment and saves her baby and then she is getting ready to send William into hiding when evil stay at home mom lady from the cult finds them, runs over Doggett with her car, and steals the baby from TLG. To Be Continued...

My rating for the episode: 6 out of 10.

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