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Best Stand-Alone Episode of Season Six

Author: ( from Philadelphia, PA
24 October 2006

A hiker (Robyn Lively) has disturbing hallucinations after a trip to a Virginia state park. When her remains and those of her husband are found mysteriously skeletonized, Mulder suspects alien influence. When Mulder investigates he encounters inconsistencies and begins to suspect that his expectations may be determining his interpretation of events. When Scully follows Mulder to the scene of the incident she finds it increasingly difficult to tell fact from fantasy!

This has always been one of my favorite X-Files! The themes of reality and illusion, of expectations determining perception, and the promptings of our own inner sense of truth are enjoyably handled here. The development of the plot is good and the clues that force the viewer to pay attention to the consistency of the storyline are cleverly handled. My only complaint has to do with how the agents are ultimately found. A little more digging for the truth would really have been necessary!

It's also worth noting that the way the agents perceive each other's opinions has obviously changed dramatically from the Rashomon-esquire season 5 comedy, "Bad Blood!"

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Best X-File episode and most realistic hallucinogenic experience

Author: ljlemer from United States
13 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Field Trip" has always been my favorite X-Files episode and repeated viewings over the years have only confirmed my high estimation of this episode. First and foremost, this is the ONLY film reenactment anywhere of a drug-induced hallucinogenic experience that is 100% accurate, in my informed opinion. Specifically, the experience portrayed most resembles the effects of a moderately toxic dose of belladonna alkaloids, which are also a very plausible ingredient to be causing the effects shown in the episode, since they are fairly common toxins in the plant world. In real life, the "figuring out" that Mulder experiences would be an expected part of the belladonna wearing off.

The plot keeps us guessing the first time we see it and I'd agree with the other reviewer that there was no time budgeted to document how they were rescued, given the fact that Mulder's "figuring out" what was going on was all in his head, and possibly Scully's, and was not and could not be communicated to the FBI.

It's still a classic.

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Among the Best Stand Alone Episodes

Author: mattressman_pdl from Iowa, United States
10 July 2008

Two skeletons have been unearthed, seemingly of two missing hikers. But as Mulder and Scully try to comprehend what force is behind their deaths...something far more sinister is at work already. And the force that claimed the hikers may already affecting the agents themselves...

The episode, cleverly titled, is among this reviewer's favorites. After the first viewing, one has the tendency to feel cheated. But after repeat viewings, it gets better and better as one realizes that the episode is doing it's honest best to make sure that the viewer never knows quite what is going on.

A pure mind trip of the highest order, this episode delivers the goods. A nicely layered psychological puzzle that will remind the viewer what the unexplained is truly about...and why X-Files is at the top of the class.

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Sounds like crap when you say it.

Author: Muldernscully from Roy, Utah
30 March 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Field Trip is an episode that catches you by surprise. I remember seeing the preview for it back when it originally aired, advertising that Scully would finally see an alien for the first time. And that's what you think is happening as you progress through the episode as Mulder and Scully are investigating the bizarre deaths of Wallace and Angela Schiff. Surprisingly, Mulder finds them alive in a cave, where they tell him they've been abducted by aliens. The aliens come, and Mulder takes the Schiffs AND an alien back with him to his apartment. Scully is dumbfounded, and so are we the audience. But, lo and behold, this isn't really happening, and apparently Mulder is caught in this Venus Human Trap. We think it's only Mulder, but later we find out Scully is caught as well. The plant shows some intelligence as it adjusts the hallucinations when the person catches on. However, its intelligence is limited as it repeats things previously said by others, allowing Mulder and Scully to realize their predicament. Here are some other random thoughts. Mulder finding the alien has a very unique scene transition as the light in the cave turns into the 42 on his apartment door. Very cool. Whenever I watch this, David Denman, who plays Wallace Schiff, always reminds me of Nicholas Lea(Alex Krycek) with his lines and mannerisms. Field Trip is a great episode that keeps you guessing, not knowing what is reality and what is hallucination. 98.9% of this episode is excellent.

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Who turns out to be right like 98.9% of the time?

Author: Sanpaco13 from Sandy, UT, United States
24 September 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In order to review this episode completely I need to actually write two perspectives: my perspective of when I first saw the episode and my perspective of it now having seen it a number of times. The first time I saw this episode I have to admit that all the twists and turns threw me off completely. At first I thought that Mulder really had found a little green man and then that Scully and Mulder really did figure it out and escape etc. I really enjoyed it because these things did keep throwing me off and I really had no idea what was going on.

Now on rewatching this I still like this episode even though I now know what happens. I think that this episode is very well written even though there are a few loopholes that don't quite make sense. In order to enjoy the writing I have to pay attention to the fact that pretty much everything we see after Mulder goes into the cave is the hallucination of the 'shroom trying trick Mulder and Scully into a passive state so that it will be easier to digest them. I think maybe we should start at the beginning after the credits where we see the usual Mulder and Scully fighting about how Mulder's theory doesn't make any sense. Mulder comes out with what no doubt every viewer has thought at least once by this point in the series that whether his theories are crazy or make sense or not the fact is that he is right 98.9% of the time and wishes Scully could just give him the benefit of the doubt for once. On the other hand Scully wishes that Mulder would come up with the most likely conclusion for once instead of trying to tie everything to the paranormal. At this point I think would be a good time to mention that I have figured out the main difference between Mulder and Reyes that makes Reyes so annoying and that is that Mulder chooses the cases he does based on the fact that he thinks something paranormal is going on where Reyes seems to just take normal cases and then try and explain them using paranormal phenomena. Its a slight and subtle difference.

Anyway back to the 'shroom. We then see throughout the episode that the hallucinations try and trick both Mulder and Scully into receiving the things that they both expressed previously. Mulder finds proof finally of alien existence and Scully blindly accepts that Mulder was right all along. Scully finds Mulder dead and everyone around her jumps to the most likely conclusion to explain his death. Mulder realizes that Scully is acting strange and starts to think something is up when everyone melts away. Then Scully gets upset at Mulder's wake and demanding to know where Mulder is when he shows up at the door and everyone at the wake disappears. This is of course the hallucination doing its job and adapting to show the agents what they want which will pacify them. The most interesting twist is after Mulder and Scully solve the case and seemingly escape we realize that the 'shroom was one step ahead of them and only made them hallucinate the escape. Of course as we know very well Mulder always gets the last laugh and he realizes that even now they haven't escaped which is when they finally are found and rescued by Skinner and his task force. I love how frantic Skinner is at this point yelling at them to "get 'em out of there!" and then rushing them off to the hospital.

Some thoughts I had while watching this episode were: - The position that the couple were found in was the same position Mulder and Scully are in in the series finale... coincidence? - It is hard to tell who is in who's hallucination or are we seeing different hallucination's from different viewpoints and if so which one's are Mulder's and which ones are Scully's. Some of them seem to be Mulder and some seem to be Scully and then some seem to be both. I guess you could probably reason out which is which but it isn't made too clear in the episode. - One support for Mulder and Scully being in the same hallucination is at the end they share a moment in the ambulance which at least for me seems to imply they were in the hallucination together and not necessarily just the 'shroom. But then again one could also say that they are just such good partners that they are able to both solve the case in the same way in their hallucinations because they know how the other think.

I think I've said enough. 8/10

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My Favorite Episode

Author: dtrekrules from United States
23 October 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I always explain to people that there are three types of X-Files episodes: You have the central story arcs, i.e. Mulder's search for his sister, the alien conspiracy/cover-up, black oil, super soldiers, etc. Then you have the non-story serious episodes, like the old people eating pills that let them leave their bodies, or the Mulder falls in love with a vampire chick. Then you have the fun/monster type episodes, like this one. These episodes are the ones that made the series so great. In "Field Trip" the viewer is constantly going "what is going on here?" Melting shower walls, tiny aliens in Mulders apartment, skeletons on the ground, they even shoot Skinner who then melts... It certainly is a "trip" if you know what I mean... Like I said this episode is one of the fun ones that true fans get a kick out of, and it is my favorite. However if you don't know the show very well, then I'd suggest you start from the beginning and remember: The Truth is Out There.

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Take a Field Trip With Mulder and Scully, for the Time of Your Lives !

Author: fshep-1 from United States
25 March 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Field Trip, one of the best X-Files ever ! Creepy and Erie out of sync story telling with strange results.The late Kim Manners directs with Great Skill, a Mulder and Scully investigation in North Carolina where a married couple's skeletons have been found. Clothesless and left in a field, with no identifying marks for cause of death. Mysterious to say the least.

Beware the mushrooms and goo that have disastrous consequences. Almost a stream of consciousness episode, but just bizarre, and a great concept ! It really tests your concept of reality, similar to a dream within a dream, just when you think you have an answer, reality changes, wow, really keeps you on your toes. Enjoy, Sci-Fi at its Best!

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perhaps the best episode of the whole series

Author: mrdonleone from belgium
29 May 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

probably, this is one of the best X-Files episodes ever made. really! just when you start to think all inspiration is gone like the pencil from the Joker in The Dark Knight, suddenly something fantastic appears on the 9 months long life of The X-Files. so okay, you don't know what this one is about and why this is so good... for me, that was. well, let me tell you, maybe you've read Stephen King's Everything's Eventual? or maybe you've seen 1408 (that great horror movie with John Cusack)? well, forget it all, because here, you find the basic ingredient: something isn't okay with the way everything happens... but exactly WHAT is not okay? is it Mulder, who behaves strangely? is it Scully, who seems to believe everything? is it the others? or is it something else? hahaha, just when you start to understand the whole thing a bit, everything changes and it seems you were wrong from the beginning. but don't get accustomed, because everything remains wrong! or does it end all well? a must-see for the whole family!

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Talk about a bad trip

Author: fazeelashraf from lahore, pakistan
3 September 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Brilliant simply brilliant, like many other reviewers saying this was the best Xfiles episode, i agree, hands down. The teaser was quite suspenseful with the goo flashes and when we see the couple's skeletal remains as the camera zooms out (brilliant cinematography) the viewer is left wondering how did we get here.

Later we find out that its the couple's bodies found only 3 days later. Mulder comes up with the theory that it might be a close encounter of the third kind scenario, where aliens are involved, initially i thought it was another alien episode but with a plot like this and superb execution I'm glad it wasn't. Not to mention the goo flashes were absolutely spine tingling.

Throughout the episode there's an air of unease and paranoia, i was expecting that the Wallace's might turn out to be aliens but boy was i wrong. The scene where the "alien" is hiding and Scully tears up when she finds him gave me goosebumps, quite literally. The funeral scene where everybody acts nervous especially Frohike when Scully loses it was brilliantly acted all around.

When Scully and Mulder are having a talk that it might be an hallucination and then they dig out from under the ground, only to realize that it was another hallucination after Mulder shoots Skinner made my jaw drop. Simply brilliant acting by David Duchovny as i had never seen Fox as paranoid as he was during the whole episode. The explanation he gave as to why this was another hallucination was spot on, one cannot consciously stop hallucinating once he realizes that he actually is.

At last we see that a search team is called and Fox and Scully are rescued, from the clutches of the plant, for real this time, which makes this episode all the more enjoyable, because of the realism of the hallucinogenic plant, and makes the episode far more realistic than an alien takeover.

This episode was a moment of television brilliance. Don't miss it for the world.

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Oh my god!

Author: koalablue_1993 from Australia
14 August 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This episode probably has the biggest twist in "X-Files" history ever! This episode is different and surprising to say the least. Its better if you don't know any plot details before watching it. The plot twists and turns endlessly. I like the green fungus goo effect i think its cool. The scene where Scully sees the alien shocked me when i first saw it. I thought she would finally believe. The ending felt a little rushed i have to say. But besides that the episode is an absolute classic. The final scene with Mulder and Scully holding hands in the ambulance was very "cute" i have to admit. Nice moment for shippers. Not to be missed.

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