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A tribute to Mulder and Scully
Sanpaco134 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Alone is a great episode from season 8. I have grown to really like Spotnitz as a solo writer for episodes and he did a good job directing this one as well. His first attempt to do so. What I enjoyed about the episode was not necessarily the X-File case so much as the little hints and tributes throughout the episode to the Mulder and Scully era which has now come to a close. This tribute is done very effectively through mementos such as the Apollo keychain and through character Leyla Harrison who represents the way that anyone one of us fans would probably act if we were to be assigned as an agent on the X-Files. "That could be bile." Haha. I love that Doggett has now completely taken over as the lead agent and seeing him in this capacity shows me that if he had been able to get a strong supporting character he could easily have carried the show longer. But the past is past. I enjoy watching Doggett annoyed by Agent Harrison's retarded comments about "if Mulder and Scully were here..." and especially when he finally tells her that they aren't here. I give the episode an 8 out of 10.
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How does a Sno-cat run when it's out of gas?
Muldernscully16 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
With Mulder kicked out of the FBI, and Agent Scully going on maternity leave, Doggett is left alone to manage the x-files, or so he thinks. Shortly after Scully leaves, Agent Leyla Harrison shows up to tell Doggett that she is her new partner.

Frank Spotnitz wrote and directed this episode. On the audio commentary for the episode, Spotnitz reveals that he wanted this episode to be more about the characters than the monster. He said this was because it was Duchovny's final Monster of the Week episode and he wanted to do a tribute to Mulder and Scully. So he intentionally wrote a very basic monster so that the focus wouldn't be on it.

Spotnitz accomplished his goal well. Scully reminisces over some mementos from previous cases. She even gives her Apollo 11 medallion from Mulder to Doggett to thank him. Agent Harrison is used as a character to represent the X-Files fans. She herself is a fan of Mulder and Scully, working on all their travel expenses in accounting. Spotnitz also said that we wanted to include Danny in the episode, but couldn't because of time restraints.

As always, Mulder shows great concern for Scully. We even get to see Mulder eating sunflower seeds for one last time.

I still can't believe that Mulder would tell Doggett to fire at the sound of this voice AND that Doggett would actually fire at the sound of Mulder's voice. Luckily, Doggett hits his target half-blind.

As Spotnitz himself admits, Alone doesn't have a great story or monster. It's all about the characters, and that's why I like it. Mulder is even nice to Doggett. Alone is a fine tribute to Mulder and Scully and all the x-philes who have watched the show over the years.
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Nice and Bittersweet Episode
ddeboer10 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This episode pays great homage to previous episodes and to Mulder and Scully. It actually makes me kind of sad. It's like watching an old friend that is nearing his last breath and he knows it. The monster was pretty good for a minor character. I enjoyed the sudden leaps and it looked great scrambling around the grounds and up the side of the house. It was a fun monster of the week even when I predicted the outcome. Like other X File episodes I see some holes but they are holes nobody really cares about. For example, we don't know a lot about the victims and their relation to the monster. The X Files has been faithful in their throw away plot points. Agent Harris was rather annoying wasn't she? Remember the Chris Farely show from Saturday Night Live? That is who she began sounding like (e.g. "Um remember that time that Mulder and Scully were battling the man eating mutant under the escalator....? How about that time they.....). It is also nice to see Mulder and Doggett finally put their testosterone aside and work as a team especially since Kersh and Krycek are the only two people left to hate. Speaking of which....when is that annoying pretty boy Krycek going to die anyway? I guess the myth arc leaves me with something to hope for. But I digress...
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"God, this really is an X-File, isn't it?"
classicsoncall22 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Even when he's out, he's in - Mulder, that is, getting involved in an X-Files case when he's no longer an FBI agent. You just had to know he couldn't keep away when something juicy like a reptilian predator was leaving it's hydrolitic enzymes around a victim or two. I thought it was pretty clever of Mulder to use Deputy Kersh's name when he met up with Herman Stites (Zach Grenier). I would have expected more to come of that, but it was a pretty good ploy anyway.

The character of FBI Agent Leyla Harrison (Jolie Jenkins) was kind of interesting. Her naivete was somewhat refreshing as well as troubling, and those allusions to past adventures of Scully and Mulder were a nice trip down memory lane. It didn't seem likely to me that she would have had access to the X-Files case histories as an accountant for the FBI, but for the sake of the story we'll go with it.

That early scene when Scully shares a tender moment with Agent Doggett while packing things up for her maternity leave was very well done. That Doggett had to be even more patient with Agent Harrison was a testament to his professionalism, it showed that he really grew into his role while working those paranormal cases.

But you know what, that was a real gutsy move on the part of Mulder when he told Doggett to shoot at his voice. Perfect timing like that would be pretty dicey in a real life situation, but then again, a real life situation wouldn't present a half human/half reptile antagonist like the creature Stites turned into. Except for the tail, he sort of resembled the Gollum character in "Lord of the Rings", but creepier. Heck, Stites as a crypto-biologist was pretty creepy all by himself.

The show ended with a great, humorous exchange between Scully and Mulder on the finale of the "Fight the Future" movie involving the spaceship in Antarctica. You would have to have seen the film to know what they were talking about, as that story only got passing mention in the TV series.
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