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"Wonder Woman" The Starships Are Coming (1979)

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Disco UFOs over Pittsburg! (sic)

Author: GroovyDoom from Haddonfield, IL
8 May 2014

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Notes while watching "The Starships Are Coming":

- That is one seriously disco UFO. It's totally Michael Zager Band.

- WZAB in Pittsburg? I think they mentioned the Allegheny Mountains, so I'm pretty sure this isn't Pittsburg, California. They spelled the name of the city wrong!

- Diana's scotch vest is DA BOMB.

- We see the IADC Zoom at least THREE times, and in very close succession I might add. Someone wasn't paying attention, or else they were doing lots of coke in the editing room and this made total sense.

- Lynda Carter's delivery when she hears the villain's master plan and says "You really are insane"--BRILLIANT.

- The IADC is at the top of technology. Steve's desk has everything except an espresso machine and the best they can come up with is a 13" TV to watch doomsday on.

- Good god... when the final countdown is halted, it's totally a VHS tape on pause!!

- Is Bobbie the new Eve? What happened to Eve, anyway? Did the aliens get her, too? Or is Eve's disappearance from the show (as well as Joe's) supposed to have taken place during one of those off camera important events that we don't know about? Kind of like when Diana talks about people we don't know as if she has a long history with them, one we've never seen on the show? The "Wonder Woman" universe seems to imply there are numerous adventures we DON'T see happening, and that's just teasing.

- Oh wow that actor playing the General is the same actor who played Andros in a REAL alien episode in Season One! MIND WARP.

- I wonder where this flying saucer battle stock footage came from?

- Diana delivers the freeze-frame smile while implying she's become so intimate with this week's characters that she will be invited to their wedding. Now see HERE is a relationship we see forming! Hopefully they were planning in Season Four for Diana to revisit them and help them work through their marriage problems while facing off against a local supervillain. And staying in constant contact with Steve Trevor by phone.

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War of the Worlds

Author: Joxerlives from United Kingdom
18 February 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Starships are coming Ridiculous at first glance this ep makes a lot more sense when you think that the events of 'Mind robbers from outer space' took place in the public eye, the existence of alien life is common knowledge in the DC universe. That said the 'villain who explains the dastardly scheme before attempting to kill the hero in an unnecessarily elaborate fashion' is just terrible as Austin Powers points out to great comic effect. Ultra-right wing baddies who were common in the 70s, self-doubting America looking inwards to itself for evil after the debacle of Vietnam, Watergate and the Church Committee hearings into the CIA/FBI and their various dodgy actions during the Cold War (would love to have seen Steve Trevor hauled before that inquisition, "So Mr Trevor, is Wonder Woman's lariat of truth admissible as evidence under the constitution or is it an infringement of civil rights comparable to waterboarding?") . The fear of Red China (before it was replaced by capitalist-but-still-totalitarian-China) very much to the fore and the controversy surrounding Nixon's detente towards it certainly a big issue. Once again we end with Lynda Carter giving her trademarked huge smile of happiness, does anyone else do that with such radiant conviction?. Not a bad ep per se but it seems the series is still trying to ride the wave of sci-fi enthusiasm that followed Star Wars (WW alumni Roddy McDowell voicing Disney's The Black Hole etc).


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