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Wonder Woman - Beauty on Parade
Scarecrow-8827 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The "beauty pageant" episode where Wonder Woman must enter a Ms GI contest in order to uncover an orchestrator of bomb attacks, with the aim right at Dwight Eisenhower! Dick Van Patten is like a Bob Hope type of variety act radio personality, while Anne Francis (Forbidden Planet; Twilight Zone episode, The After Hours) is the "wrangler" of the ladies in the contest, dealing with the conflicting personalities (Beatrice Colen is a hoot as this "dragon lady", highly competitive, egocentric model, not at all hiding her intentions on winning the contest…at "all costs"). A number of military outposts are bombed so that the path of travel for Eisenhower drives through a specific area (leading to the perfect ambush and assassination). Musical performer Bobby Van, of all people, is the music arranger for the contest, but his true reason for being at the base will soon be unveiled. Good seeing Francis, an actress I have always liked, and her character has quite the startling revelation as it relates to Bobby Van and his motives. Van Patten has a field day as the popular radio personality, flirting with the girls and flashing that magnetic smile. This go-around, Steve is a background player while Carter "goes undercover" wearing this unflattering wig you'd probably associate with a mannequin, but her sex appeal is off-the-charts. I think you can watch this show and understand completely why Carter was a star…she's a damn sexy woman. The plot gives a lot of attention to the girls, and they are lovely, no doubt, but it is a detriment to superhero action. If anything, Wonder Woman catches a missile shot from a missile launcher and throws it back at the bad guys! An attempt to drop a heavy prop on Wonder Woman, and how it could affect Colen's Etta Candy (what a name!) is a rather cool moment of heroism, and Bobby Van gets to go sociopathic while Francis is "put away" for trying to give him lip service in a magic disappearing box! I was on the fence overall with this episode, because the pageant angle bored me, but it does have some merits I recommend to Wonder Woman fans as I already mentioned above.

One ludicrous conversation had me laughing: Steve tells Diana Prince (Wonder Woman's alter ego, almost always seen by Steve in military uniform) that she just isn't sexy enough to be in the pageant! That and Carter having to intervene in a bomb explosion after Steve is bopped on the head, scale the wall of the building where the girls stay, and act as if she just took a shower when Etta calls her out as having left the quarters illegally.
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just watch the grenade scene
trashgang15 January 2013
Now that you are into wonder woman you can see that the production also saw that we had a few problems with the effects. the changing from Diana to wonder woman was laughable but now we do see some flash when she's turning and changing. Coming back from wonder woman to Diana is never shown.

There's something wrong with a military base, someone is trying to break into the facility and it's up to wonder woman to get into the base when some beauty contest is going on and she's sure that there are spies involved.

Most notorious is the fact that here wonder woman could catch a grenade and throw it back. Stil it's campy and cheesy whole throughout this episode.

Gore 0/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 2/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0/5
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not sure the kids of today would enjoy - too bad
babykaren11 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I recall watching this show as a preteen and yet could never see Wonder Woman as a female role model. She had to be two people and one was always patted on the head. When you compare her to SG-1's Samatha Carter - a soldier and scientist - you see how times have changed.

Was I wrong in seeing that the tunnel that got blown up at the beginning of the episode looked very much like the entrance to the SG-1 site? Watching Wonder Woman now-you see a great collection of vintage clothes. I love the goons in suits, ties and hats and despite there being a beauty pageant the female roles are well-clothed and stylish. You also hear an easier tempo in the dialogue in the storyline. And that rotary coin phone - ah the good old days.
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Beauty on parade
Joxerlives30 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Must have had 70s feminists choking on their cornflakes! They finally have this strong female role model (albeit one who dresses like an incredibly jingoistic hooker) and 4 eps in she's entering a beauty contest? (Supergirl was in Smallville for several eps before she was prancing about in high heels and a skimpy bikini in an attempt to become 'Miss Sweetcorn'. Not to mention Lois Lane undercover as a stripper). Interestingly we have a character here called 'Monty Burns' but I'm sure it's just coincidence for the Simpsons. Steve knocked out again, was there ever an ep where he wasn't? You wonder if that was Lyle's screen test, "Can you do 'handsome and unconscious?" We have Dwight Eisenhower mentioned. The first thunderclap-spin transformation that was to become so famous (reputedly Lynda Carter's own idea, I wonder if she get's money for it?)

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