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almost unique in all crime dramas
Roedy Green11 December 2014
This one episode "The Hunt" of The Wire is almost unique in all crime dramas.

Usually when people get killed in crime dramas or murder mysteries, nobody shows any remorse or emotion. If anyone does, it is because they are the culprit trying to distract attention. Sometimes you see a bit character who goes hysterical for a short scene, but these characters are ridiculed as unmanly, homosexual, scatterbrained, irrational or even comic relief ("I told him, Julie, don't go.")

The most emotion you might see is one cop say, "It was too bad someone so pretty/young/talented/sexy bit the big one. She didn't deserve this. Let's nail the bastards who did this".

In this episode, one of the regulars, Greggs, is shot in the line of duty by drug dealers, and is in hospital. It is nip and tuck whether she will survive, or recover sufficiently to continue her role.

In this episode, some of the other regulars react much more like real humans would, with anger, despair or sadness. They are so distraught that they cannot function. They do what they can to help each other through it. They also show the suffering of her lover, in a quite realistic way.

It was an unusually moving drama. The actors were quite convincing and tugged at your heartstrings. It was almost TOO intense.
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Dope on the table
RainDogJr30 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Usually we get to see Jay Landsman only in the office, usually making fun, just being annoying with other detectives but here we see him working, looking for clues and certainly is in the crime scene where Orlando was killed and Greggs was shot where Landsman, Bunk and other men are doing their job. So we have the people from homicide on one hand and on the other we have Lester and Prez.

Wee-Bey and Little Man: the shooters completed successfully the job however there's this girl that disconcerted them. Wee-Bey will get the worst possible news from Stringer: that girl was a cop and worst for them she is still alive. Little Man was the one who shot Greggs so there's another job for Wee-Bey who will be in Philadelphia but not before he indicates to D'Angelo what to do with his fishes (a truly great scene with D'Angelo thinking in the worst and finally finding that all was just a fish matter).

Burrell wants to act, he wants dope on the table and again he is f****** the investigation. Our detectives found a stash house previously, now when Burrell orders for dope on the table their plan is to attack in other places but the stash house however Burrell will order to go for the main source allowing to Daniels, McNulty and Lester to finally realize that there's someone in the detail that says everything to Burrell, Daniels stopped doing that so who's the rat? We will find that but here what about our main guy McNulty? Well, is McNulty feeling guilty (Rawls said just about right) but of course the show must go on and here is again f****** Levy doing it nicely.
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