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  • It's Joe's birthday and he tells everyone that he prefer not to celebrate it. Brian decides to throw him a surprise party and everyone agrees to help. Later Joe overhears them planning the party and he's touched. But later they all realize they have prior commitments so they have to reschedule. Fay then tells Joe that he has to stay and take receipt of some items that are going to be delivered to the hanger later and that everyone else has plans. Joe thinking that it's a ruse to make sure he's around for the party goes along with it. But when a man delivering a crate arrives, he thinks that they're in the crate and is expecting them to be inside but is disappointed that they're not. And the next day is sore at everyone for pulling a fast one on him. So Brian tells him the party was rescheduled and asks him to be there. And when Joe tells Brian of the assumption he made about the crate, Brian decides to do that. But the person Brian puts in charge of bringing the crate to Joe makes a mistake.


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  • Joe`s birthday is coming and he insists that no one make a celebration out of it. The airport gang think this a ruse and set up a party which Joe overhears planning for. Alas schedules do not work out and the party is postponed a day. Joe thinks it is still on for the evening, and when a delivery crate arrives he thinks it is the gang inside. When he opens the crate it contains seats for the plane. The dimwitted delivery boy chimes in to help him burn the seats. Joe confronts the airport staff and thinks it was a joke on him. Now the real party is scheduled and the gang decides to really hide in a crate. Alas the dimwit boy mixes the boxes and brings a washer dryer to the hanger, leaving the gang on the ferry still in the crate headed to Boston.

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