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The second episode is a bit funnier than the first; as before, the best stuff is on Al TV
J. Spurlin28 March 2007
Today's lesson: "Don't make promises you can't keep."

Weird Al promises his friends - Cousin Corky, Val Brentwood (Gal Spy) and the Hooded Avenger - that John Tesh will come over to hang with them. Al, of course, doesn't really know this celebrity musician. He discovers Tesh's price for making an appearance is $82,000. How will Al make the money? His bake sale attracts no customers, and no wonder. The goat cheese and arugula brownies are $5,000 each, and the fudge muffins with mustard filling are $10,000 each. Make those muffins $20,000 each. Al burned Grandma Yankovic's special pound cake.

The guy Al boarded up in the wall is no help. Madame Judy the Psychic is more practical. She joins Tony Little and Ron Popeil in goading Al into doing an infomercial with Mike Levey. Al sells ear magnets, Yank-co shoelace tying gauges, Supersonic Gut-icizers and Amazing four-tined food stabbers (read: forks) and makes his $82,000. But he has to give it all back when his customers discover that none of these amazing products work. Meanwhile, Fatman and Harvey the Wonder Hamster fight Fatman's Uncle Frank and the evil Procrastinator, thwarting their scheme to fill the city with melted ice cream.

What's on Al TV? Fred Huggins sings "I Like You" as Papa Boolie and Baby Boolie cringe. A TV ad promotes "The French Prince of Bel-Air." A rocker sings an angry song about his barber. Over the closing credits: a music video about Forrest Gump.

This second episode of Weird Al's show is a bit funnier than the first. As before, the best stuff is on Al TV. Also as before, Fred Hugging is hilarious, especially when his puppets are voiced (and manipulated) by the comedy great Stan Freberg and his son, Donavan Freberg.
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