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garyldibert24 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
TITLE: THE FULFILLMENT ORIGINAL AIRDATE: February 7, 1974 WRITERS: Michael Russnow & Tony Kayden DIRECTOR: Nick Webster

PROLOGUE: "The Depression years were hard ones for just about everyone in the country. Our family had little money and few luxuries, but we did have food on the table and clean clothes to wear, even if they were mostly hand-me-downs, and a bountiful supply of love to sustain our household. Other families were not as fortunate as we were, and I remember how my mother and father occasionally invited a child from the Jefferson County Orphanage to share our life on Walton's Mountain."

SYNOPSIS: John and Olivia bring Stevie home for a visit from the Jefferson County orphanage. The family has a history of bringing orphans home for short visits. We last saw evidence of this when Hobie Shank a former orphan came for a visit in "The Braggart" (s2-ep8) Stevie is 7 years old. He has a chip on his shoulder from his tough life being moved about and doesn't relate well to other children. He has trust issues and it takes some time for him to warm up to the family. John-Boy has been helping Curtis Norton the blacksmith since he burned his hand on the job. He witnesses a tension between Curtis and Ann his wife. Ann has become restless in her marriage. She has been shopping for expensive dresses and decorating her home like scenes from a movie. When Olivia stops by, she confides that she is not able to have children of her own. Stevie knocks over a bowl of freshly peeled apples and runs away rather than suffer the blame. Curtis picks him up on the road and brings him back to his house where John-Boy tells him that he is visiting his family from the orphanage. Stevie takes a shining to Curtis. Later when Ann and Curtis visit with the Walton's they learn that Stevie has come from the orphanage. Ann believes that the family has plotted to bring Stevie, her, and Curtis together. She is not ready yet to accept her situation and open her heart to the possibility of welcoming Stevie into their life. On the final day of his stay, it is obvious that the visit has had an impact on Stevie. Just as they are about to leave to take Stevie back to the county home, Curtis and Ann arrive to talk to Stevie. Ann speaks to him alone and asks if he would like to be adopted as their son. Stevie accepts.

QUESTIONS: Who pick Stevie up along the road? Where did Stevie come from? What was Ann running from?

EPILOGUE: "The Depression lingered on, hard times continued, but somehow the love that was most important to us on Walton's Mountain extended itself to others, and love is what the Nortons gave to Stevie, and he to them."

MY THOUGHTS: This was one of those episodes that lack action and drama. You knew what was going to happen right from the beginning. I give this episode 4 weasel stars.
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