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Bobby Darin Makes It Worthwhile
richard.fuller116 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Its something to see a second rate episode from a dated, long-running show and have all of one actor Im completely unfamiliar with make the watch all worth it.

This was Bobby Darin in this episode of Wagon Train.

Darin was an wounded ex-convict who makes his way into the orphan express on the wagon train.

Abigail, played by Besty Hale, is the little orphan girl who finds him, teases him, then befriends him.

Whit Bissell appears as a concerned figure who is against Darin being in the wagon train with the orphans, but with no crime they know of to charge him with, what are the wagoneers to do? They can't imprison Darin, so they must allow him to be.

Through it all, it was Darin who worked this predictable episode. Abigail constantly clings to him, he does nothing to encourage her.

Then Darin learns Abigail has a secret of her own, tho a bit vague in its reasoning, Darin still manages the moment.

Even the final conclusion to the story, its all Darin. Watching the episode is worth it for him and him alone.

This is the first Wagon Train episode I have sat and watched and knowing how the show will progress (from cast changes to main actors barely appearing) this episode is a good introduction.

Blink and you'll miss the two second appearance of Robert Fuller.
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For a name
bkoganbing15 January 2014
Bobby Darin guest stars in this Wagon Train episode playing the title role of the John Gillman Story. Darin plays a young outlaw who the Wagon Train finds on the road with a bullet in him and offers him aid. Of course John McIntire and the rest of the crew don't know he's an outlaw. A stuffy and officious Whit Bissell tries to intervene, but McIntire is a believer in the Constitution or at least that portion about innocent until proved guilty.

The one person who bonds with Darin is young Betsy Hale from a wagon full of orphans under the supervision of Virginia Gregg. Almost in spite of himself and his angry rebellious ways, Darin assumes a protective attitude toward Hale who has a terrible secret she's carrying.

Darin's performance and his chemistry Betsy Hale make this a tender and touching episode, definitely worth catching.
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