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Marital Troubles On The Trail
bkoganbing14 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Not all the pioneers going west were happy couples. Case in point are the Camerons played by Michael Rennie and Carolyn Jones. Though the title of this Wagon Train episode is the John Cameron Story, the accent is on Jones who plays a bored and flirtatious wife.

At first she does her best to attract Robert Horton, but when he evinces no interest, that doesn't stop Jones. Unfortunately her next target is Jayhawker Claude Akins and his brothers and she goes off quite willingly.

Rennie loves her however and he pursues and Horton decides to go along and help this tenderfoot. Rennie proves his mettle in the pursuit and Jones doesn't get quite what she bargained for.

Personally Akins is playing one repulsive dude and I can't figure for the life of me why she preferred him to Rennie.

Not one of the better Wagon Train episodes.
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A Classic in the "Adult Western" Genre
rcshepherd27 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
In a world of "TV" westerns with characters like: "Cisco", "Poncho", "Tonto"; and, the "Masked Man" (of course). Broadcast Westerns of the late 1950s; and, into the 1960s, attempted to attract adult audiences (after the "baby boomer" children (they were real children then) were put to bed).

This episode's subject matter and principal themes, are in line with this attempt. A woman (not kidnapped by a raiding band of Indians, on the "Warpath"), is sought after by her otherwise devoted husband, who can't understand why she's not just left him. She's run-off, with not one; but three (3) men; brothers, no less. All of whom promptly start killing one another; over her attentions.

After she helps amputate her husband's leg, she discovers that she loves him; a little late, but better than never. Needless to say he comes to his senses after his episode in frontier surgery, and decides to part ways from her on the trail. But it's still the 1950s, so this morality tale still punishes infidelity and lust.
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