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Bette Davis joins the wagon train with a troupe of showgirls
padutchland-122 April 2010
Wagon Master Seth Adams (Ward Bond) accepts a group of young ladies under the care of their "teacher" Bette Davis. She tells Seth that she is taking them west to start a girls' finishing school. They are actually entertainers or dancers and she is planning to start a first class saloon or entertainment palace. This fact isn't learned until they are well under way on the trip. Major Adams has to deal with the wives of the men on the wagon train, who want the attention grabbing young ladies sent away. Another actor, calling himself a Count and played by Robert Strauss (Stalag 17), is brought into camp by Indians saying he tried to steal from them including a woman. Bette Davis hires him to drive their wagon. One of the show girls falls in love with the son of one of the women of the wagon train. Just when Major Adams thinks things can't get more nasty, Spotten Fever hits the train. With so many sick and in danger of death, it is Bette Davis and her girls who pitch in and nurse the ill. Nothing more can be said without revealing the ending, however it can be said that Bette Davis was at her usual best.
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Bette Davis does a mean can can
bkoganbing17 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Bette Davis plays the manager of a troupe of show girls who are traveling incognito on the Wagon Train as young ladies ready to start a finishing school in the new frontier. But that secret doesn't stay secret for long. After that the blue noses on the Wagon Train, led by the women who don't want their husbands led astray.

Then an epidemic of spotted fever strikes the Train. And as it turns out Davis had some considerable nursing experience in ante bellum New Orleans. She and her girls do a considerable amount to help the Wagon Train weather the epidemic, but the cost is high.

The finale is one of the best from the series as Davis and her girls strut their stuff and do a mean can can. Worth seeing it for that alone.
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