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  • The Virginian caught napping under a tree is taken by a posse who say he killed a man. He is brought into a saloon in a small town for his speedy trial by the local incompetent drunken Judge Hobbs. Judge Hobbs refuses to listen to The Virginian's statement about his identity or to try contacting Col. MacKenzie by telegraph to prove his innocence. The only evidence allowed is the accusation of the dead man's younger son, Rem Garvey, who claims The Virginian is a notorious hired killer known as Boss Cooper, and that he saw him kill his father. The Virginian is convicted of murder and taken out to be hanged by Judge Hobbs who is also the hangman all in a span of a couple hours. The Virginian escapes from the lynch mob and determines to clear his name by finding the real Boss Cooper, though the dead man's sons are trailing him. He starts with the dead man's wife who sends him to a small town where Boss Cooper is known by a saloon girl who eventually tells The Virginian Cooper is now married. Can he reach her before the son's catch him?

    - Written by rbecker28
  • The Virginian arrested by a posse while on a trip is accused of murder. He is taken in for a trial by a less than proper judge who is also the hangman. When no one listens to him, he escapes to find the real killer and prove his innocence.

    - Written by Anonymous


The Virginian is resting in a field minding his own business when he is rudely awoken by armed men intent...

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