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"Vega$" Aloha, You're Dead: Part 2 (1980)

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Part 2 of 2. Tanna, after a series of rigorous torture sessions involving hypnosis and high-frequency noise intended to program him into killing Roth, manages to trick Remick and his henchmen into thinking that their efforts were successful. Unknown to them, Tanna has used a candle to make earplugs and a splinter in his mouth to block pain impulses used in the sessions. Giving him a rifle loaded with wax bullets, Tanna aims and fires at what he's led to believe is Roth, but is simply another test, as the floating body turns out to be that of a double, and is alive and well. Shortly after this, federal agents arrive and question Tanna, who learns that he and The Commission have been under surveillance all along, and that Roth has been in protective custody and not in any danger. Though initially enraged at the thought of agents sitting idly by while he was tortured, Tanna agrees to help in their investigation to bring Remick and his men to justice.


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