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Sandy Hogan: I just want you to remember something. We are all very lucky to be alive.

Willie Hogan: I don't feel very lucky.

Mark Hogan: Yeah, me neither.

David Hogan: Yeah, but you are. I mean, we all are.

Michael Hogan: How's that, Dave?

David Hogan: Uh, no, nothing.

Michael Hogan: No, no no. Come on, come on. You seem to be handling this better than your brothers.

David Hogan: Well, I remember driving down the street, seeing our house on fire and, uh, not knowing where you were. I never felt so lonely. I mean that is the most frightened that I have ever been. And as I ran, I prayed. Dear God, I just lost my mother. Don't take them too.

Sandy Hogan: [touched] Oh, Dave.

David Hogan: But when I came up and I saw you all standing there all together, and ok... I never felt so lucky. So, uh, happy. Even while I was watching our house go up in flames. Well, are we gonna have dinner or what?

Sandy Hogan: Get the salad.

Michael Hogan: Hey, how about a little music, huh?

Michael Hogan: [everyone sits down to dinner] Would anybody like to say grace?

Sandy Hogan: [after a pause] I think Dave just did.

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