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alien wedding of the millennium
robrosenberger7 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
That......was......WILD. One half of the episode focuses on the rescue of an expectant mother. Even for V, it's hokey and credibility-straining. The other half centers on the shotgun marriage of invasion force leaders Charles and Diana (get it...Charles and Diana...repulsive alien lizards?). She hates him, and he's marrying her to get her out of the way. Most V episodes have a certain sameness (resistance must blow up the bridge blah blah), but this one...i don't know whether one needs to have watched the whole series to appreciate it, but in creating the wedding, the producers pulled out ALL the stops. There is a mix of aliens in human skin, and as their natural lizard selves...which compounds the humor, as you don't see them as lizards often or for this long, which is understandable as the heads aren't quite as lifelike as they would have wanted. It's all just ridiculously, exorbitantly silly, and for a moment it transcends the genre. You won't believe your little human eyes.
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