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Escape for Rose at last!
arrival25 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
April, 1914, Rose has to deliver a cake baked by Mrs. Bridges for her old friend Mrs. Beddows aged 93. Whilst on the Tram, she bumps into an Australian - Gregory Wilmot. They get chatting, then dating, and to everyone's surprise, they become engaged.

When the staff at 165 discover this, they are naturally shocked, since Rose hasn't even mentioned Gregory to any of them. They are even more shocked, when they discover that Rose intends to give up her job at Eaton Place, marry, and emigrate to Australia with a man she's only known for six days! Such must have been the desperation felt by many housemaids to escape the prison of Service at the time, and must have been a common occurrence in those days. When a woman saw an opportunity for escape - she ceased it with both hands. Who could blame Rose - and Gregory wasn't bad looking! So what was to stop her? It's a tearful departure, and looks as if Rose has left for good; why even the new girl is on her way to be interviewed for her position, when Rose returns unexpectedly...
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