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An odd episode that hinges on a woman's traumatic brain injury....and not among the better episodes.
MartinHafer15 March 2016
"Head of Fire" is a watchable but confusing and rather muddled episode of "The Untouchables". It begins with an old high school chum of Ness showing up unexpectedly. Jack Barber (Jack Warden) has come to see Ness but the audience can't help but think that Jack is up to something. Soon you learn that Jack isn't altogether honest and bets on fixed boxing matches. Additionally, there's SOMETHING going on between Jack and a nasty hood, Johnny Fortunato (Nehemiah Persoff). How does Ness fit into all this? And, how does a woman with a traumatic brain injury (Madlyn Rhue) end up helping Ness figure out the truth?

So much of this episode doesn't work. The relationship between Jack and Ness is bizarre and makes little sense. Plus, the show is trying to humanize Ness...and very unsuccessfully. Off-duty, Ness is MUCH more rigid and humorless than Joe Friday ("Dragnet") or McGarrett ("Hawaii Five-O") seeing him acting (or TRYING) to act casual is strange to say the least.
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