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Ufo on Navy?
I've been watching UFO since last year when l'd found this series on internet and l like it...maybe it was quite old fashion but works as entertainment too...in this episode commander Striker stay suspicious when the ship of the Navy hit an UFO when was nearby on a secret operation on the sea...so Striker sent Colonel Forster to reach Admiral's secretary to find out something,a young Stephanie Beachman is the secretary and was involved by the UFO's plan!!!Beachman l recognized by another series Seaquest DSV...fantastic and beauty actress!!
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Oooh, that Stephanie Beacham is bad!!
MartinHafer10 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The episode begins with a report that the Navy may have had dealings with a UFO! However, when Straker tries to get information from Naval authorities, they aren't the least bit cooperative. So, Foster tries to wheedle information out of one of the high muckity-muck's secretaries, Miss Bosanquet (Stephanie Beacham). Well, are they in for a huge surprise, as the secretary is, in fact, controlled by aliens AND she's using an evil alien device to attack SHADO craft!

Overall, a rather interesting episode that's worth seeing. By the way, you may recognize the very young and beautiful Stephanie Beacham as the same lady who played Sable on "The Colbys" and "Dynasty". Once again, she plays someone who is pure evil...but also mega-hot.
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