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Being the new girl is often rather frightening, even at a conventional school, so for Rosa Martinelli (13) to have been accepted into the School of the Performing Arts is something of a mixed blessing. It came at a topsy-turvy time in her life anyway: her father Nick and mother Brigid have just separated, and Brigid and Rosa are trying to figure out their new life on their own. Rosa's pleased to have delighted Brigid so much in taking the first step toward the dream of stardom - but is it Brigid's dream, or Rosa's own? Although Rosa's voice is pleasant, it is nothing extraordinary, and being naturally shy she doesn't enjoy the audition for her first school production. Pretty and spiteful Lucy - who is far more confident both in her talent and her social life than Rosa - doesn't empathize: she's delighted to have a new victim for her teasing, and the interest Brad - school hunk and erstwhile boyfriend of Lucy - takes in Rosa doesn't endear the new girl to her any further. Lucy gets the...

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