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a total nail-biter...
jackie_jaci15 July 2006
Tyler (Jeremy Piven) is a man that has been struck by lightning and now has the ability to read people minds. The story goes through all his trials and tribulations on how his new found 'power" affects his life and the lives of the people around him. This episode is a real nail-biter, and Piven acting is extremely believable in his portrayal of Tyler. A particular great scene is when Shannon (Olivia d'Abo) and Tyler (Piven) are in his apartment and she is telling him that he has incredible powers, but that he is stealing other people's money. She then leaves and as he looks down Shannon is hugging Tylers long-time friend, Buddy, played by Vincent Laresca. Tyler then freaks out and does some weird things himself. Tyler follows her to the playground and tries to talk to her. The events afterward are totally crazy and i will not go into them you'll just have to watch. The ending is particularly interesting. Enoy this episode because it is honestly a true and classic episode of "The Twilight Zone"
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Well Done With a Lot of Implications
Hitchcoc8 July 2017
A kind but rather quiet man, Tyler, works for the power company is sent up a pole after a storm. He is hit by a weird form of lightning. When he is revived in the hospital, he has attained some amazing mental powers, primarily the ability to read minds. He has never been that good with women, but his boss, who is filled with guilt, tries to make peace with him and they become romantically attracted. She has had a bad marriage where her husband used his wealth to pretty much ruin her. Tyler begins to use his powers to get lots of money, playing poker and the stock marker in that order. He wants to ruin the husband. Meanwhile, his ambitions take over and he becomes a sort of demon, betraying a good friend, and scaring the young woman. The lightning has taken over his life. This is one of the most intricate and compelling episodes of this series or any series.
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