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Overly Sentimental Schlock
Hitchcoc13 July 2017
This plot is out of some cheap romance novel. The young bride loses the handsome guy. She can't get over it but at some point he makes contact from the grave. She is utterly obsessed. This is understandable, but for some reason this has been done hundreds of times, over and over. Of course, she has a friend who is a minister advising her to get on with her life. His pleas go unheard. She is a photographer and when she develops rolls of film, there are strange things in the pictures. They lead her to a really dramatic conclusion. Anyway, not worth the time.
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The house by the Lake
kapelusznik1820 August 2016
***SPOILERS*** Discussing their future plans soon to be married Edie Durant & Alec Lehane's, Robin Tunney & Martin Christopher, car is hit full blast by a runaway truck killing Alec and putting Edie in the hospital with a fractured skull. It's a year later and Edie now back to work as a photographer is advised by her rabbi or priest the kind & understanding Shawn, Malik Yoba,to get back to work and forget the past by taking photos and enter an upcoming photo exhibit in town.

Snapping random shots around town Edie after developing them notices that one of the negatives has not only come out in full color, she's using black and white film, but has a house on it that she didn't photograph! Asking Shawn if this is some kind of sign from above Edie is told by him, who's supposed to be an expert on the subject, that she might be just a bit-due to her head injury-forgetful in what photos she took. Completely overlooking the very fact that it's impossible to develop color negatives from black & white film!

Still snapping photos around town Edie in developing them finds one of them has the dead Alec on it standing in front of the house! Checking out the real estate pages in the local newspaper Edie sees the very house that she photographed on sale and goes to see it to take photos on the inside. It's them after developing them she finds all the rooms that are empty in real life full of furniture including a baby's room for the persons who live or are going to live in it!

****SPOILERS*** Edie now sure that Alec is calling her to join him, in the world of the dead, so that they can be together is about to jump off a cliff into the lake and is stopped by Kavan Smith, Matthew Forsenth, who just seemed to have popped up out of nowhere. It's then that Edie gets the massage that Alec is history and it's Kavan who's the one whom fate has planned all along for Edie to marry and live with for now and ever after: Just like the house by the lake that fate guided her to in the photos. That she took of them in color with black & white film!
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