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saw it when it first came out
ssthompsonIII16 April 2008
I thought this was a neat episode,dude brought out of the deep freeze to destroy the ship that was bringing back the fiends who had left earth, only to return to pick up where they had left off and the only cat to guide the ship home had been thawed, one problem , after he was thawed he was shown what he was bringing back and he had the power to either deliver the creeps or......Needless to say you have to see it for yourself. Scott Wilson has to be the most forgotten, miscast,actor around.This cat has been around forever. He has all the stuff to be the Right Stuff, where movies,TV,stage are concerned.I think he is a man that one could sit down and have a coffee,beer,drink with and just talk about the craft,acting. I have enjoyed everything Mr.Wilson has done for the past 40 years,I sir salute you,Mr.Wilson and remain your humble servant.Thank you so very much.
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Welcome to Winfield
Scarecrow-8818 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Sometimes you have Twilight Zone episodes that are intense like William Friedkin's "Nightcrawlers" while other times you have more comedic and charming ones like "Welcome to Winfield" about a young dying man's "escape from Death", his girlfriend driving him into a sleepy western town known as Winfield where the average age of the every citizen is 112—yep, the locals of this western town are also dead, "hiding away" from Death as well. Gerrit Graham, always a treat, is Death, the Grim Reaper as you have never seen him, white suit, tie, even his car, and he is looking for "the boy". Will the town (which includes the wonderful Henry Gibson and scene stealing character actor legend Elijah Cook Jr. (who cannot hold a secret if it he tried, missing teeth, just a blabbermouth the town try to keep quiet, like that is possible)) be able to hide him from Death or is it just a matter of time before he figures out where the young man is being held? Delightful casting is the reason to watch "Welcome to Winfield", because, to be honest, this episode is just an amusing diversion, not particularly powerful or impactful as other Twilight Zone stories had a tendency to be during the 80s revival—not every episode is designed to make your heart race or cause you to contemplate its meaning afterward. Can you cheat Death? This episode has a funny solution with the town appealing to Death to "look the other way" and let them alone, after a failed, but valiant, effort to keep their secret from him. 7/10

"Quarantine" has Scott Wilson (the excellent character actor who was always amazing emphasizing emotion) being awakened by telepaths (led by Tess Harper) to help them "shoot down an asteroid". Wilson was a "builder of machines, satellites, buildings, computers, and weapons" and so he has capabilities the telepaths don't: he's from the "world of war" and they need his expertise in preventing a catastrophe. When he realizes that the asteroid can move on its own, there's something fishy about this whole ordeal. Wilson confronts his past and where he fits three hundred years later when everything is farming and livestock instead of skyscrapers, pollution, foot traffic, and honking vehicles. But what his satellites would actually need to keep from entering the Earth's atmosphere, influenced by the telepaths in order to do their will, certainly has him shaken to the core: the past and present collide in a big way! Wilson is just so unappreciated an actor, but Walking Dead helped a new generation realize just how good he is. Here you see the anguish of being awakened in a time so alien to your own and wondering if would ever be able to fit in. The modern man opposite the primitive way of life: Wilson shows how taken aback his character is and that realism in his performance just resonates. Hell of an actor. Tess has this angelic face and quality about her: her character uses a soft touch to gradually bring Wilson down from the precipice. The chicanery their telepathy attempts to conceal certainly puts a monkey wrench in bringing him into the fold! 8/10
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White angel of death in a desert town/ Space time!
Danny Blankenship9 February 2008
This Twilight Zone episode featured two segments "Welcome to Winfield" and "Quarantine".

First up "Welcome to Winfield" is a tale about an angel or agent of death dressed in white who relocates to an old dusty desert town of the old west around cowboys and the local folks. Because his previous try didn't work, really overall a dull and drag of a segment.

Then "Quarantine" is boring and another space tale with Tess Harper with a space engineer who tries to bring good fortune to the future.

Overall a really low key and drag of the series maybe one of the worst episodes.
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The Walking Dead's Herschel faces a moral decision
Leofwine_draca2 May 2015
QUARANTINE is a watchable segment of THE NEW TWILIGHT ZONE, notably mainly for an assured performance from WALKING DEAD actor Scott Wilson. He plays a weapons engineer who's been cryogenically frozen, only to be thawed out in the future where he's required to help combat a threat from space.

The episode poses some good moral quandaries for our protagonist while the cheesy special effects work is kept to a minimum. Wilson has become a favourite of mine since his role as Herschel in THE WALKING DEAD. He delivered a good turn as a young actor in THE NEW CENTURIONS and his acting in this low budget TV production is equally assured. Certainly he lifts the material to a greatness to which it would not have reached otherwise.
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Elisa who??
Jon Hunter2 July 2009
I'm just now seeing this episode on the Sci-Fi channel's 4th of July Twilight Zone marathon. I was watching the credits and noticed that Elisha Cook Jr was the first name listed in the cast only he's listed as "Elisa Cook".. That sounded more like a woman's name so I watched and sure enough, its Elisha Cook. Not sure how that misspelling got past the editors OR Mr Cook, but someone wasn't paying attention.

After seeing several of these episodes, it's interesting to see all the actors who have gone on to bigger and hopefully better things. I have to agree with another review though, some of the episodes are good but for some reason, they really don't compare to the original series.
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I only made it through "Welcome to Winield" and I had enough!
Noformica15 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Out of the two segments, I was only half-heartedly able to make it through "Welcome to Winfield", a time-space type of story where a modern day Grim Reaper/Angel of Death hunts down his next "chosen" one that hides out in a dusty, backwoods mid-West town that never made it past the mid 1800's. Henry Gibson ("Laugh-In") plays the cloying, yet borderline amusing town sheriff amongst a gaggle of badly stereotyped townsfolk: the town drunk, the assortment of gunslingers, the village idiot(s) and a thinly disguised version of Miss Kitty. It's a town that exists nowhere on a map, yet a modern day teen on the brink of death, played by John Caliri ("Square Pegs") and his over-emotional wife (Joann Willette, from "Just the Ten of Us") escape from his very modern hospital bed into this speck of a town as Mr. Grim Reaper comes in search of him, Mercedes-Benz and all. Well, seems like EVERYONE in town is over 100 years old (yet they don't look it) and will do whatever it takes to spare the young man's life (remember that these folks are not the sharpest tools in the shed--case in point when the sheriff summons his assistant get the dictionary to look up unknown words that are commonplace to us). Will the young man be Mr. Grim Reaper's next victim? Or will the town come through to prevent it? The answer: only in the Twilight Zone......
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A Visit from Death/A Rather Startling Future
Hitchcoc22 April 2017
Two episodes that just don't captivate all that much. The first on involves a character who is the angel of death. He is pursuing a guy who should have died in a hospital. The man gets away and ends up in Winfield, an old Western town with funny old characters. Since death and his predecessors seem amenable to persuasion, the local townsfolk manage to keep going. "Quarantine" is about a man brought back to life after three-hundred years to assist an advanced culture. At first he sees himself as out of touch; then, after he is thawed out, he is enlisted by these people for selfish reasons. There are moral issues at work here, but a rather unsatisfying conclusion.
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