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Where's Robert Redfore?
Hitchcoc5 July 2017
Remember a similar story from the original TZ. Where an elderly lady does everything she can to avoid the touch of death. That "grim" reaper was played by Robert Redford in his incredibly handsome days. What both episodes try to convey is that death is part of life and when it comes, we are just fulfilling our destiny. This, unfortunately, is so talky and slow that I thought they'd never get to the point. Also, her obsession ignores the fact that she does have people in her life. Janet Leigh is good but it just goes on.
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The Twilight Zone - Rendezvous in a Dark Place
Scarecrow-8817 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Janet Leigh, in the twilight of her own career, is wonderful if a bit creepy as a widow at the end of her life looking to die. She visits funerals in churches, longing for the same experience. Her son is frustrated by her anticipation of death and how the topic is never far from mind or conversation. Then when a robber arrives at her home, shot after fleeing from a store with twenty bucks, a bullet wound in his torso, Leigh comforts him until Death (Stephen McHattie) comes for him. Leigh actually offers herself in exchange for the robber (Eric House), but it isn't her time. But her desire for something more substantial, feeling that her time on earth no longer has much meaning. When Death realizes she might can help *him*, there just might be a greater purpose for Leigh. Unique look at how death is viewed by someone who has lived long enough to see all her loved ones and friends her own age die, wanting to be freed from her ennui. She feels "feeding the pigeons" is not the best use of her time. Her second conversation with Death has this actual surprising poignancy to it, with Leigh explaining just why she wants to part with him. It actually makes sense when viewed from her perspective, the value of life ceases to have as much purpose as it might have when those she grew up with were still available. Her telling Death she kind of fell in love with him after he arrived to take her husband away as he was agonizing in bad health might seem morbid but the peace that comes after the pain thanks to His arrival has a certain brevity to it. Final scene is especially satisfying as purpose has been restored to Leigh. This seems to be the anti-thesis of the Original Twilight Zone episode, "Nothing in the Dark" (1962).
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A creep episode looking at death as it awaits!
Danny Blankenship30 August 2014
This "TZ" episode from the 80's was one of the last it aired in 1989 it starred screen legend the now late Janet Leigh. It was a dark episode about looking at death it's something that everyone will deal with and face. Called "Rendezvous in a Dark Place" Janet Leigh is an old lady named Barbara who is so obsessed with death that she goes to the funerals of strange people she doesn't even know! So soon the grim reaper appears to show her his dark nature and how he does it with people and souls. It's really a look into the future of that lonely time when she and everyone else has to go thru as Barbara will soon see the outcome isn't what she thinks. Overall dark and creep different like "TZ" episode still a watch it entertains and it's some good last work from legend Janet Leigh.
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