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1964 was a very good year for Don Gordon

Author: planktonrules from Bradenton, Florida
29 May 2010

Salvadore Ross (Don Gordon) is a jerk and a user. While he says he wants Leah his wife, she and her father know he's NOT good husband material as he's so selfish. When he is rejected, he angrily smashes his hand and breaks it. In the hospital, Ross meets an old guy (J.Patrick O'Malley) who has a bad cough. In passing, the old guy says he'd gladly his cough for young Ross' broken hand. Oddly, the next day, the two wake up to find that this is EXACTLY what happens! What happens next is pretty cool, as Ross uses this new talent to make deals with everyone--making himself rich and seemingly happy in the process.

This is a pretty cool episode and filled with irony. As a result, it's well worth seeing. Also, if you like Gordon (a very good but mostly forgotten actor today), this same year he made what was the very best episode of the original "Outer Limits"--"The Invisibles". 1964 was a very good year for this talented guy.

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'Why cant I want something once in my life and get it ?!!'

Author: darrenpearce111 from Ireland
23 November 2013

It's appropriate that Salvadore Ross (Don Gordon) is first seen driving another man's car as we will later see him gaining characteristics of other men. He is discontented, lacking in savoir-faire, and desperately wants to marry Leah (Gail Kobe).She finds him very obviously shallow and bad husband material. This is a story about getting what you want and how essential it is to be true to yourself in attaining it. Salvador does not look within to achieve his goal, but manages to accumulate what he needs by mysterious means. He realizes he has this strange power when whimsically swapping his broken hand for an old man's cough in a hospital. There is no rational explanation why this deal works, but as the old man is played by TZ regular character actor, J Pat O'Malley, I will call that enough providence for suspending disbelief by series five.

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"All deals are final!"

Author: classicsoncall from Florida, New York
9 August 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Salvadore Ross would have been some commodities trader! I was intrigued by the idea of old Sal (Don Gordon) getting his wealth and compensating old age in one fell swoop, and then dealing for his youth a year at a time. You know, if you think about it, Sal could have turned this whole affair into a happy ending by moving the Maitland's into a new apartment, thereby expressing both his love for Leah (Gail Kobe), and respect for her father (Vaughn Taylor). That he was such a blockhead who couldn't figure out what was deficient in his character is what makes the story work. For a certainty, there are those kinds of people out there who can't see the bitter truth in a mirror, or the common sense to require a money back guarantee on all deals made in The Twilight Zone.

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Interesting Power

Author: Hitchcoc from United States
16 December 2008

As the previous reviewer said, you have to take the power that Salvadore has as gospel, or there is no story. This is another story based on irony, as you will see if you watch it to its conclusion. This is a story about power and anger. Ross is a low life who wants power and one day he manages to get it. It's interesting that in some ways he is very wise while also being incredibly short sighted. He doesn't really understand why this girl finds him so repugnant, yet he seems to have a grasp of what will make him attractive to her. She is very up front with him but he really is abusive. There are several scenes of arm grabbing and hurting. This guy is a loose cannon and needs to be stopped, all the other stuff aside. There is justice, however. He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.

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What Goes Around Comes Around

Author: AaronCapenBanner from North America
7 November 2014

Don Gordon stars as Salvadore Ross, a troubled young man who has fits of rages, one of which gets him in the hospital with a broken hand. While there, he discovers through a fluke that he has the power to swap anything from himself to another person, and vice versa. Deeply in love with a woman(played by Gail Kobe) who doesn't like him, he decides to change her mind by systematically acquiring wealth, power, and compassion in exchange for youth(then reacquiring it later) only to learn the hard way that what goes around can indeed come back around... Interesting episode isn't entirely plausible in places(the love story mainly) but has good performances and a most ironic ending.

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Bartering personalities

Author: bkoganbing from Buffalo, New York
5 September 2016

Don Gordon with a cast of other familiar character players are in this rather unusual Twilight Zone episode. Gordon while in the hospital being treated for a broken hand learns from J. Patrick O'Malley another patient that human characteristics can be bought, sold, and exchanged like trading cards.

That's important to Gordon because he's a street guy and rough around the edges, but wants very much to marry Gail Kobe and do it with the approval of her father Vaughn Taylor.

Makeup plays a great part in this episode as Gordon both ages and youthens over the course of half hour story. What it all does for him is for you to see the story for.

A good cast which also consists of Douglass Dumbrille puts over I think a really impossible story to swallow if you think just a bit about the premise. Not one of the better Twilight Zones.

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Another O. Henry-esquire episode

Author: jcravens42 from Portland, Oregon, United States
9 July 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Serling and his fellow writers for the Twilight Zone obviously had a soft spot for O. Henry, and this episode is another example of that fondness. It bothered me the first time I saw it years ago that there was no attempt at an explanation as to why Sal has this new power, but now, well, who cares? It's the Twilight Zone! It's one of those episodes that would lead to a good discussion after a group viewing; what would YOU do with this particular power. The only thing that doesn't really hold up: the encounter with the newly-old Sal and the very young bell boy -- viewing it now, it's incredibly creepy, as though Sal is about to offer the young guy money for... something that would certainly never get talked about on the Twilight Zone. Good performances all around, and a terrifically tragic end worth of O. Henry.

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