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This time its Harrison's turn.
bethwilliam24 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Its the last episode of season one and the story line has settled down to a battle between good and evil. Basically it is now Tru, who represents another shot at life, verses Jack, who represents (well sort of) death.

In this episode Harrison turns up at the hospital with a gun wound to the chest. He has been shot by a jealous husband who thinks he is dating his ex wife. Tru is then sent back to relive the day and save her brother.

Unfortunately Jack has been sent to stop her. All this saving of lost souls is changing the order of the universe. In a clever dialog between the characters Jack makes an offer. If he allows Tru to save her brother she has to promise to retire. Naturally she chooses life.

When Harrison is saved it sets off a chain reaction that leads to tragedy and heartache for Tru.

This is a well written series. We learn at the end that Tru's father use to do Jack's job. He tried hard to stop Tru's mother (probably by marrying her!) It has taken a while to settle the story line down. Now we will see how it pans out.
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Season 1 finale - Season 2 setup
gridoon201817 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
As series creator / producer / writer Jon Harmon Feldman points out on the DVD commentary, "Two Weddings And A Funeral" (smart title, by the way) has a double purpose: to tell a solid self-contained story, and to set up the next season. The now-revealed function of Jack Harper (masterfully played by Jason Priestley) as Tru's opposing force (as well as his connection to Tru's evil father) allows for some interesting philosophical discussions on the topics of fate and its manipulation. But something gets lost, or at least short-changed, in the process: the who/how/whydunit aspects that I really enjoyed in several earlier episodes. Here the mystery is (relatively) simple and clear-cut. Kudos, however, to Eliza Dushku for one of her finest performances on the series so far, especially in her scenes opposite Reaves and Priestley. *** out of 4.
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