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Mrs. Noh Nang Ning: People of all ages love donut! When you baby you love donut cause it like toy. You licky, it sticky, it fun! Then when you teenager you love donut because you like sugar, you have a lot of energy, yeah! Then when you 20 you love donut because it cheap. You buy 12 donut so you get one free, yeah? And when you're 30 you buy donut because you very busy, you try to make something of yourself. No time to eat, so grab donut. When you're 40 you eat donut, because you no want to eat at home. No no no, your wife she mean, your children are ugly, so you come to donut shop forget terrible family, yeah! And when you 50 you buy donut. You know they're bad for you, yeah. You're trying to kill yourself, yeah! So you smoke, you drink cocktail, you eat donut, YOU LOSER! heh!

[puts L symbol above head]

Mrs. Noh Nang Ning: And when you VERY old, 60, 70, 80, 90 you eat donut so you have something to put into your stomach so you can keep taking all the pills that keep you alive! Yeah, you think "Hey, when I was baby, donut make me happy, maybe donut make me happy now!" Heh heh! Then you die! Then I serve donut at your funeral. Heh heh, donut business good business to be in huh? Heh heh heh.

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