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This synopsis is based on Season 1 DVD set Disc 4.

The show begins with an introduction by Carol Burnett. She tells of our introduction to a bare-footed angel named Monica (Roma Downey) walked out of the desert and into our hearts on September 21, 1994.

As she informs us this is the series finale, she reminds us the "road may seem long" but we do not walk alone.

Monicas voice is heard introducing what happened in the last episode. The camera shoots back to Monica and Tess (Della Reese) sitting on the bench at the bus stop in the desert. Tess is asking if Monica remembers the place and Monica confirms that it was where Tess gave Monica her first assignment. Tess tells her to get on the bus and follow it until the Father tells her what he wants her to do.

The scene changes to inside the bus. Monica is sitting in an aisle seat with a man sitting across from her. She is asking Zack what he does. He tells her he is a travelling handyman.

Next Zack (Scott Bairstow) and Monica are walking down a city street. Monica is asking Zack if it is Saturday. He nods it is and she asks where all the children are. They see a pink and blue bicycle.

Inside the caf Monica sees Joey (Paul Wittenburg) working at a table and calls his name. The next scene shows Monica, Wayne (Randy Travis), and Zack are sitting at a table in the caf. Wayne is explaining he doesnt think Zack will find any work in town. Zack responds that there seems to be a lot of things there that need repairing.

The next scene is Mike (Patrick Duffy) and Monica walking around town. They are beside a tall chain link fence. Mike is explaining he didnt want to be Mayor but the last Mayor lost two children when the school boiler blew and moved away. He explains that every child from kindergarten to the twelfth grade was having lunch when the boiler blew.

Scene changes to Mike with Dr. Jean (Patty Duke) in her office. She is saying she delivered everyone of the kids. The scene changes to a bulletin board filled with photos of children.

In Dr. Jeans waiting room is Peter (Ivar Brogger). He pulls an Easter Egg coloring kit from a paper bag he is carrying and explains his daughter dropped it by on her way to school and suggested they make colored eggs that night. He is waiting for the right time to make her the eggs. Monica reminds him of Easter. Death came on Friday and life on Sunday with a long, very hard day in between. He says they are all stuck in Saturday.

In Mikes house Monica asks Mike if Joey saw a man the day the school boiler exploded. Mike confirms when Joey awoke, he told everyone he had seen a stranger in the school. Sophie (Marion Ross) turns and sees Monica and tells her she could have used her hours ago.

Mr. Carver (Bob Bancroft) is in a town meeting where he has offered to purchase the entire town to make a business outlet out of it. He says he saw Zack a year earlier when he was there making his initial assessment. He also states he saw someone at the school that day. At this, Rindy (Karina Logue) turns to face Zack and says Zack is the man Joey saw. Eddie (William Mapother) turns to the back where Zack is standing and runs towards Zack saying how Zack killed his kids. People grab at them. The final shot of the refresh from the previous part is the outside of the sheriffs office and a black Mercedes that was following Zack drives off into the night with Monica watching.

Opening Credits begin at this point.

The show begins with a view outside the sheriffs office. A dark blue sheriffs car is parked out front and traffic drives past. The window broken the night before has a plywood cover over it. As the camera pans in the scene shifts to inside with Zacks voice telling someone they dont have to do this.

Monica and Mike are sitting in chairs placed outside Zacks jail cell. He is standing inside and is telling them they dont have to help him. Mike, a lawyer, informs Zack he is the victim of mob psychology and he got a raw deal. Monica is saying Zack deserves a fair trial. Zack tells them both he doesnt think that is the popular opinion with the townspeople. Monica stresses that opinions arent facts.

Zack gets a chair and turns it backwards and sits facing them. He informs them the fact is that he was at the school. Monica disbelieving asks why while Mike looks on and asks who else knows about it. Zack informs Mike he has told it to the sheriff. Monica asks what kind of business Zack had at the school. Zack tells her it is hard to explain. Mike wants him to try. Zack tells Mike his business at the school that day was personal. Mike wants Zack to tell the truth and Zack tells Mike he is. He just cant tell them anymore. Monica asks if Zack wants to spend the rest of his life in jail. Zack looks at Monica and tells her if he has to. Zack and Monica look at each other for a moment before the scene changes.

Now we see the burned school. Windows are broken, smoke is around the windows of the lower floors. We hear Monica asking Andrew (John Dye) if he was there. Andrew and Monica are standing outside the school. Andrew tells Monica he didnt handle this case and doesnt know who did. He tells her it must have been hard. Monica tells Andrew she wishes Tess were there. Andrew reminds her she is going through an evaluation and how can she expect to be promoted if she still needs Tess for the answers. Monica tells Andrew that it is not a coincidence that so many of her old assignments are there. She is just trying to see the connection. Andrew tells her that maybe she is the common bond between them. He tells her that what she has given them in the past is the strength to hold the town together but they dont seem to know that. Maybe she is the only one that can get them to set that. Monica nods and looks back at the burnt school. When she looks back, Andrew is gone.

At Rindys caf, Mike opens the door and walks in. He walks to the counter where Monica is seated and expresses disbelief that they are going to trial. He explains that the case could did it happen. Mike informs her that very day. Nobody has worked with the new prosecutor before and he isnt too excited about being the first. A car door opens outside the window. Mike says that is him now. The car is a black Mercedes. A man steps out and removes his sunglasses looking in the window. Monica looks at him with recognition.

FLASHBACK-a small boy, ballcap on backwards is sitting. He removes his cap asking dont you want to see my customer? As the hat comes off, a lion is there. The a guy with red eyes and flash to Tess talking. She is explaining to Monica that people dont see him coming until it is almost too late and Monica adds the analogy, Just like a lion. Tess agrees, just like a lion.

The man enters the caf with Monica watching. Mike looks at Monica, sees the recognition in her face and asks her if she knows him. Monica asks if Mike knows that God is real. Mike agrees that God is real and Monica continues telling him that Satan is real as well and he is here. Mike swings his head around to look at the man who just entered. Him? he asks. Monica nods and says yes. Satan can be seen drinking from a paper cup of coffee. If God is absolute love, the devil is absolute evil. He prowls the earth like a lion, looking for anyone or anything to devour, she explains to Mike. Mike incredulously asks Monica, And Im going to try a case against him? Monica nods and whispers yes.

The man walks over and calls Monica by name and says his ears are burning. He looks to Mike and says, Counselor. Monica tells him he wont win this one. Oh, I dont know, he answers. Look around, so many people in this town already touched by an angel, by you, in fact, and yet they are still so very angry and vengeful, he puts his glasses back on, and vulnerable. He pushes his glasses up fully, turns and walks out the door.

Mike tells Monica, I dont get it, why does the devil care if some drifter gets put away? Monica answers she isnt sure, but by giving someone to blame, it will create enough hatred to destroy this town and that will certainly be worth his time. Were going to need some help.

Gloria (Valerie Bertinelli) is sitting in a courtroom. Eddie is on the witness stand saying that Joey Mitchell is the only one who saw the explosion, he was out cold when Eddie got there but when he came to, the first thing he said was, what happened to the man? Where did the man go? He continues by telling them there was someone else there and the explosion was no accident. Satan (As Prosecutor Jones) thanks him and states he has no further questions.

Mike stands at the defense table and asks Eddie if, in his opinion, he considers Joey a reliable witness. Eddie nods yes saying Joey is a little slow, but he doesnt lie. Mike continues, Its no secret he is mentally challenged. Eddie agrees and states he saw someone as well that day.

Jones (David Ogden Stiers) is standing in front of the witness stand. Wayne, in his sheriffs uniform is sitting there. Jones is asking him about Zack admitting to being in town the week of the school fire and Wayne confirms he did, saying Zack said he was there on business. When Jones asks what kind of business, Wayne responds that Zack just said business. Jones comments that is mysterious. He then asks about a number of thefts the week before Zacks arrest. Wayne confirms there were thefts. Jones lists a little pink bicycle and a toy truck as well as photos from Dr. Jeans office. He calls them little things, insignificant things to him. Wayne responds that the items belonged to the kids who died in the school. These were things they had left behind.

Rindy is now on the stand describing that he took her daughters bike from in front of the caf where she had left it after getting a flat tire. Jones thanks her and stating no further questions moves to sit.

Gloria, seated at the defendants table asks Rindy if she saw the defendant take the bike. She states she did not, but it had been sitting there for a year before Zack got town, nobody else would have done it.

Dr. Jean is on the witness stand describing how Zack came to her office to fix a door and says he asked a lot of questions about the children while looking at the pictures on the bulletin board the entire time. The next morning the pictures were gone. She further stated nobody else had been in her office that day.

Mike asks the judge if the prosecution is charging his client with theft. Jones answers he is working to establish a profile common to mass murderers. Objection, Mike responds. The judge bangs his gavel and calls for order.

Another man is seated in the witness stand stating serial killers collect trophies or souvenirs of their kills. Jones asks if these are personal items such as childrens belongings, photographs. The man responds yes. Jones turns and quietly says no further questions.

The camera starts on Gloria and pans left to Zack. You hear Mr. Carver on the stand stating it was his first trip to this town and how he was near the school inspecting the property that his clients were interested in investing in. Jones asks him what he saw. Mr. Carver answers that he saw Zack go into the school and come out before the explosion. Jones asks Mr. Carver if he is sure it was Zack. Mr. Carver states he is absolutely certain. Monica is seen just before the camera fades to black.

A quick outside view of the courthouse flashes up before we hear Gloria asking Mr. Carver if he saw Zack coming from the school the day of the explosion why did it take him a year to come forward with the information. Mr. Carver says he didnt make the connection until he saw him again. Gloria asks Mr. Carver that wasnt it true that the defendant was making a difference in how people felt about the town. That he was actually trying to get them to reconsider Mr. Carvers buyout offer. Mr. Carver agrees, but says he doesnt believe Zack had actually changed anyones mind. Gloria says that it would help Mr. Carver to get Zack out of the way. He looks towards the jury but we never hear his answer, if he did.

Zack sits in the witness stand. Our view is from behind several rows of those sitting in the courtroom. Mr. Jones is standing next to the stand asking questions. He states that Zack travels frequently and asks where he goes. Zack tells him he goes all over. Mr. Jones can name it and he has been there. Jones names several towns with Zack confirming after each he has been there. Then Jones asks if Zack is aware that in the past two years all of those towns have had explosions the cost the lives of many innocent children. Zack confirms he is aware of this. Monica is looking distressed in the courtroom. Jones calls it interesting as he turns away. Zack looks at Monica in the courtroom. Jones asks if Zack took the items reported missing. Zack says he borrowed them. Jones repeats the word, borrowed as a question. He asks for what purpose and then quickly changes and says dont tell me, I dont want to know. Jones says the last part quietly while looking at the jury standing in front of them. Jones sits down while Mike asks the judge to redirect.

After the judge grants permission to redirect, Mike asks Zack if murdered 46 children and 8 teachers. The camera cuts to faces in the courtroom showing the faces of many who lost children in the explosion. The preacher, another man, Eddie, Dr. Jean, Sophie and then we see Zack as he answers, No, I did not. Mike nods and thanks Zack. He then tells the court he has nothing further and sits. The camera stays on Zack momentarily.

Jones is walking in front of the jury. His hand on the rail that separates them from the courtroom while he gives his closing arguments. He talks about the loss of so many young lives and then states how two eyewitnesses saw the defendant come out of the school that day. He reminds the jury they heard the testimony of Mr. Jenson, the serial killer profiler who told them about the trophies the monsters sometimes collect and the defendant who admits to taking the items. He asks if it is circumstantial evidence, perhaps, but asks if you see man walk into a garage and drive out, do you have to see him put the key in the ignition to know that he started it? It was an old boiler. One that only needed a little adjustment to cause that horrible explosion. Something a self-professed handyman would know. Jones then quotes the Bible. John 10:10 that the devil comes to steal and kill and destroy. While he says this, the camera flashes around the room showing Wayne, Monica, Eddie and others. He tells them the devil is in the courtroom today. Monica gives a strange look to Jones.

Mike stands and walks towards the jurors while stating that what happened in that school was a terrible, regrettable, undeniable tragedy and they all know that. Forty six children and eight teachers died. The loss and sorrow suffered by the people in the community is beyond question. But loss and sorrow do not determine guilt and guilt is the key. Guilt is the key. It was common knowledge that the boiler in that school was old and needed to be replaced. As much as it hurts to lose a child, it hurts more to think that loss could have been prevented. It would be blessed relief to live that mantle of guilt, to shift the blame from our own burdened shoulders to those of a stranger, but this is not the answer. He turns and points and states that this is not the truth while looking into Jones eyes. He tells the jurors that the peace they all pray for wont come by sending an innocent man to prison. Mike sits and the judge excuses the jury to begin deliberations.

Outside Rindys caf, we hear her asking what Zack meant when he said he borrowed the toys. Monica says she doesnt know. Dr. Jean says how she thought it was all over when the prosecutor started naming all the other towns that had suffered explosions and loss of children but she says she saw something genuinely compassionate about Zack while he was on the stand. The phone rings. Everyone turns towards it. Everyone looks expectantly at her when she hangs up. She informs them the jury is still out, they were just calling for dinner. Mike turns to Monica and tells her it isnt a good sign, it means they believe they will finish tonight. Dr. Jean exclaims it is all happening too fast, they havent had time to think. Monica tells her she believes that was the idea.

Wayne enters the jail area carrying a tray of food. Zack is sitting on a bunk strumming a guitar. He tells Zack it is Rindys blue plate special and got it while it is hot. Zack says if Wayne can get him another piece of apple pie, he will give him his guitar back. Wayne tells Zack he doesnt play it anymore because of too many memories. Wayne grabs a chair and sits facing Zack. He tells him the rumors are that there may be a verdict soon. Zack asks him what then. He says Zack will either be taking a trip to Kansas or Wayne will buy him lunch at Rindys. Zack tells Wayne he is a good man. Wayne says as to how he doesnt know about that and asks if he can do anything for Zack. Zack says if he is a praying man, now would be a good time. Wayne tells Zack he hasnt done much of that in a long time, but he will see what he can do about a piece of pie, though. They stand and Zack tells Wayne he can forget the pie if he will play something on the guitar. Wayne says he doesnt do that anymore. Zack tells him that the music is like a prayer. The more you keep at it, the more things start to change. Wayne tells Zack he sounds like his mother. Zack smiles and hands Wayne his guitar. Wayne takes it, steps outside the cell and closes the door to the cell. Zack looks at Wayne as the scene fades to black.

A fast shot of the outside of the cell door shows hands on a keyboard. They belong to Wayne. He types something then looks towards his left and down. The camera follows his gaze and you see his guitar. He moves towards it. He picks it up and places it in his lap. Using a thumb pick, he starts playing, then sings. The camera goes to Zack in his cell. Then flashes around the town to Mike at the piano in his house. He picks up the phone and tells Sophie coming down the stairs that it is time for Peter to open the church. Phones ring around the town as each is called. Dr. Jean, Peter, and they start heading to the church. At the church, some are pulling the boards off the door to allow access. Monica sees Jones standing on the sidewalk outside the church and walks up the church steps. Inside, using a lighter, they look around the church. They all take seats in the pews. Then as the lights come on, an exclamation from Sophie near the front of the church. They all gather to look. All the items taken from the street are repaired as new and at the altar of the church. Photos, bikes, toys, colored eggs, trucks, all the items missing from around town. Peter picks up an egg and says he painted them. A wooden sign laying there is picked up by Monica who reads it out loud. Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted. She tells them she thinks he made the sign himself. Mike asks what it means and Monica says she isnt sure but he left the stuff at the church where they didnt come before. Eddie asks if it changes anything. She says she doesnt know if Zack is innocent or guilty, she says she doesnt know if he did anything to any of them. She tells them she does know what he was trying to do for them. He was trying, in one mans small way to lead them to a place where healing can begin and now they are finally there. She asks what they are going to do. At that time a cell phone in Mikes coat pocket rings. He answers and then thanks the caller after listening. He tells those present that the jury is coming back.

From the back of the courtroom, we can see the court is full. The jury is seated as is the judge. The jury foreman stands and proclaims they find the defendant guilty on all 54 counts.

In the courtroom, Sophie looks shocked at the verdict. Monica lowers her eyes. Gloria speaks from the defendants table where they still stand. Your Honor, I move for a mistrial. The judges quick denied came back. Jones smiles. The judge states pursuant to the penal code, the defendant is to serve 54 consecutive life sentences without possibility of parole. The judge adjourns the court and leaves. Wayne takes Zack back into custody. Jones holds out a hand to Mike who looks at him before walking out, without touching Jones. Jones looks at Gloria and acknowledges her with a counselor and tells them dont waste their time on an appeal. He then looks at Monica and wishes her luck on her promotion before leaving the courtroom. Monica and Gloria look at each other.

The outside of Mikes house at night. Lights are on in almost every room. Monica is sitting on a couch, head down. Andrew appears on the couch and tells Monica that he hears from Adam that things are looking good for her promotion. He tells her to not be so hard on herself. They arent fighting against flesh and blood, they are fighting against evil, against the devil and they both know he wont win the war but he sometimes wins the battle. Monica tells him they will file an appeal. Andrew acknowledges this and says Zack is being transferred tomorrow to the state prison and a man convicted of murdering 46 children doesnt stand a chance there. He tells Monica Zack wont live long enough for an appeal. Monica asks Andrew if she is supposed to go get her nice promotion and leave Zack to be killed in prison. He doesnt know and says as much. Monica says she does and rises.

Outside the sheriffs office, plywood is still over the broken section of window glass. Wayne is taking Monica back to the cells. He calls to Zack and says that Monica wants to speak to him and from Waynes experience, he should listen to her. Wayne leaves, closing the door to the cell area behind him.

Monica asks if Zack remembers how he joked about Monica being an angel. Zack remembers. Monica stands outside the cell and confirms she is an angel. She walks through the bars of the cell, stands before Zack in his cell and starts to glow. Zack looks at her and says, so, beautiful angel, tell me what you are doing here. She says she is there to tell him that God loves Zack. Even if no one else has seen into his heart, she knows that God has. She kneels before Zack and tells him she has watched him offer moments of peace and gifts of healing to the people of the town. Some believing they are lies others believing Zack is genuine. She tells him only he and God knows who he is and where he was the day those children died. All Monica can offer him is that the days ahead will be very, very difficult but if Zack asks God to send an angel every day, every hour, every moment, if you ask him, he will. If Zack will allow it, Monica will ask him if she can be that angel. She will stay with him the rest of his life.

Outside the church, the big double entry doors are open. The light above the doors is on and looks like an angel. Inside, lights are on. We hear Tess saying Hello. Monica is at the altar and turns at Tess voice. She asks if Monica is sure of her decision. Monica nods and says she is. Tess tells her it could take years. Monica agrees it could be years for Zack as well, if he survives and she wants to help him survive. Tess tells her that the Father has agreed to Monicas request. Monica, with tears in her eyes tells Tess she never thought she would have to say goodbye to her. Tess pulls Monica closer and hugs her asking that she not forget how much Tess loves her. No matter how far they are apart, no matter how many miles or years are between them wont matter because God has given them a gift of love that will last forever.

Monica walks into the sheriffs office. Mike and Wayne are there and say good morning. Wayne asks if she came over to say goodbye. She says not exactly and asks to see Zack. Wayne agrees. Wayne opens the door to the cells and finds Zacks cell door open, the bed made and Zack gone. All three look at the empty cell and look at each other. Screen fades to black.

Outside the caf, silverware is heard clinking on flatware. Inside Rindy is placing plates on tables in front of townspeople. Mike, Wayne, and Monica walk into the caf. Eddie, seated at a table near the middle with his back to the door turns as they walk in and asks if Zack has been taken away yet.

Mike makes an announcement that everyone should please listen to. They have something to say about Zack. Joey is rubbing his hands and asks if it is true that Zack is going away. Dr. Jean answers she is afraid so. Joey says he is going to miss Zack. He says Zack was going to get him another cat. Wayne asks Joey what he is talking about, he never had a cat. A teary-eyed Joey nods that he has had one before. He says he had five of them and they were kitties that lived at the school. At this announcement, everyone turns and looks at Joey. Dr. Jean asks where they lived. He says he kept them in the basement because he knew Wayne wouldnt let him keep them. He turns away at this. Monica gets Mr. Beans from a counter and walks over to Joey and hands it to him. Joey, Joey, what happened to them? She asks. He says he was downstairs with them and it was that bad day and he was with his kitties. He says that is when he met the man. The scene changes to a year earlier in the basement of the school before the explosion. Kittens in a box are playing with a string held by Joey. A voice asks him what he has and he says he has his kitties. The camera pulls back and Jones is kneeling beside Joey. Above, a school bell rings. Jones looks up at the bell and says, ah, its lunchtime. Joey tells Jones he has to get back to work. Jones looks into the box and says the kitties look awfully cold. Joey agrees they are shivering. Jones looks up and points out a valve on the heater to Joey. I bet if you would turn that up the heat would rise and the kitties would be much more cozy, he tells Joey. Joey tells Jones he isnt supposed to touch anything he doesnt know about. Jones tells Joey that the people who told him that didnt know about the kitties. He continues if those people knew how cold the kitties were, they would tell him to turn the heat up. Joey smiles at Jones and asks if he is sure it is ok. Jones smiles and nods. Joey gets up and turns the valve several turns to the left as Jones watches. High pressure steam can be heard flowing. A gage on the line shows the needle quickly approaching an area marked in red. Joey looks at Jones and asks, like that? Jones is gone, though. Joey walks back to the box and says bye to the kittens and leaves. Behind him, the gage is now showing the needle at the red area, the danger area. Steam starts escaping and noises can be heard. Once the needle reaches the midpoint in the red area, the boiler explodes. Joey is back to the present. Rindy, tears streaming down her face says, oh my God! Dr. Jean says, Joey, oh no! Joey says it was a bad day. Wayne walks over to Joey and asks who it was that told him to change the valve. Was it Zack? Joey says it was someone else. Like a shadow. He says the guy sort of appeared and disappeared like in the movies. Dr. Jean walks over to Joey and asks almost sarcastically, an invisible man came and showed you how to turn up the burner? Joey answers, uh huh. Joey says he never saw his kitties again. Joey said when he told Zack about it, it was ok because he was going to get him another one. Monica asks, You told Zack, when? When he gave me Mr. Beans, Joey answers. Know what Joey? I know where theres a kitty, Dr. Jean says. Zack wanted you to have it.

Oh yeah? Joey asks. Wayne speaking to Mike, so Zack knew it was Joey the whole time. Mike answers so that is why he wouldnt defend himself. After a pause he asks, what are we all going to do?

Mr. Carver answers his offer still stands. Eddie asks why should they stay, what is left of the town? Monica answers, youre left. Sophie, sitting at a table asks, this is my home, if we sell it, where am I going to live? Monica asks, dont you see whats happened here? Evil came to this town, it attacked all of you and almost destroyed this place. If you give up and leave know, then evil will have won. It already has, Wayne answers. Monica says she doesnt believe it. There is life here, there is still hope. She turns to Dr. Jean. Dr. Jean, isnt there something you want to say to these people, some hope that is left to them, some small thing? Dr. Jean starts a small nod. Yes. So goes over to Rindy sitting with her husband and whispers in her ear. What? Rindy asks. Dr. Jean looks at Monica. Rindy looks at her husband and says, Oh my God, Im pregnant! Her husband stands and says, what? Im pregnant! Rindy says again! Were pregnant! Rindy came into the office a few days ago, we ran some tests and, she ends with a wave of her hands. Rindy and her husband are hugging. Eddie is looking on. Peter smiles and from across the room says, its a miracle!

Yes, it is a miracle, Monica says. And this will either be the last child born in Ascension or the first child of a whole new generation, but thats up to you.

Sophie? Mike says, Im not leaving. Sophie smiles and nods. Dr. Jean shakes her head no and adds, neither am I. Rindy, still in the arms of her husband chimes in, me neither. Eddie, shaking his head says, Im in, too.

Monica looks at Wayne, and guides him to the door. So, what are you going to tell them about Zack? she asks. Ill tell them they need to build a better jail, Wayne answers then laughs. He asks Monica what am I going to tell my brother? Monica puts her hand on Waynes arm and answers, you tell him how much you love him. Wayne nods. Monica looks out the door and then back at Wayne, I have a bus to catch. She looks around the room and nods a goodbye. Then walks out the door.

Dr. Jean, looking perplexed asks, wait a minute, how did she know about Rindy? I didnt tell anybody? Everyone looks around the room at each other. Mike smiles a small smile.

Outside, a bus drives off leaving Monica standing at the stop where Part one began in the desert. Tess is sitting on the bench and asks Monica how her trip was. Monica sits and tells Tess that something tells her Tess already knows how the trip was. I do, Tess says, but Id like to hear it from you. Monica sighs and says, Zack wanted me to stay with him and then we found out he didnt do it, but he escaped Tess before I could tell him the good news. Tess looks over her shoulder and says, why dont you tell him now? Monica looks where Tess had and sees Zack standing on a hill, the snow covered mountains behind him and the mountains are glowing with light. Monica stares in awe. By the way, says Tess, you passed your evaluation. Monica, teary-eyed again says, so he was at the school that day? Tess nods and says, he took those babies home himself. Crying, Monica rises from the bench and goes to Zack. As he stands there waiting for her to walk up, a white dove is on the ground cooing next to his right leg. Monica stops a few paces from him and gives a small bow. Forgive me, I didnt know who you were, she says. They hardly ever do, Monica, he answers. She asks why she wasnt able to recognize him. He answers he, because you would do anything for me, but look what you did for a stranger. And greater love hath no person, nor angel then to give her life for another. Well done good and faithful servant. Monica looks down, when she looks back up, Zack is gone, but the dove remains where it had been. Monica, crying hears the doves cry and looks down, as if seeing it for the first time. The dove takes wing and flies off.

Tess appears behind Monica, its time to go now baby. Standing beside her is Gloria and Andrew. Youre going to make a great supervisor, says Gloria. She walks over and hugs Monica. Thank you, Monica tells her. Gloria turns and walks off then disappears. Andrew hesitates slightly, then walks slowly over to Monica. He reaches deep into a pocket and pulls something out. I, uh, want you to have this, he says and hands Monica a gold pocket watch. Monica cries as he adds, just remember the times we had together. Monica nods and holds the watch close. I will, she promises. Andrew hugs her, then steps back slightly and tells her she is going to do great. He turns to walk off and Monica looks at the watch as he walks off and disappears. Tess steps closer. She tells Tess she doesnt have any tears left. I hope you do, baby, Tess says, Theyll keep you honest. Time to go now she says, her voice breaking as she hands Monica her keys. Monica looks at the ring of keys and then looks at Tess and nods. Tess nods back. Monica turns and sees the red convertible Cadillac parked by the bus stop bench. She stands there, Andrews gold watch in her left hand, Tess car keys in her right and looks at Tess. When I walked across that road and sat beside you for the first time, I didnt know then how long the road would be or how wonderful it would be sharing it with you. With her voice full of tears she continues, so I dont know how I can just drive away without you now.

Tess folds her gloved hands and says, Well baby, weve got more to look forward to then the road now, we have eternity. I sure do love you. She steps closer and hugs Monica. I love you too, Monica says. Tess steps back, tears filling her eyes and Monica nods and looks down. Monica walks towards the car. A rattlesnake is at the back of the car with the rattle buzzing. Monica looks back at the bus stop and the empty bench then opens the door of the car and gets into the drivers seat. She starts the car and drives off with water coming out the tailpipe. The camera follows her long enough to show the deserted and long road ahead before panning to the right to the mountains, then the sky above. End credits begin.


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