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Admirable continuation
jamiecostelo587 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Benefit of the Doubt continues with a surprising realisation for Jack and an even more worrying problem for his new sidekick D.S. Reid.

I enjoyed the interaction between David Jason and Joanne Frogatt as Anne. They really seemed to click on screen and viewers will see perhaps a more softer side to the usually grumpy Frost.

Investigations into the case of the missing hospital doctor finally come to an end, but there will be a violent confrontation in store, with the suspect in line for more murderous actions that leave Frost well and truly cornered.

Benefit of the Doubt ended the second of three two part-specials of A Touch of Frost, and the continued strong and alert acting from all concerned make it another watchable and enjoyable edition in the franchise.
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So worth giving the benefit of the doubt for
TheLittleSongbird4 July 2017
As has been said by me numerous times already, 'A Touch of Frost' is a personal favourite of mine, and one of my favourite shows from the detective/mystery genre. Do have a preference perhaps for the earlier-mid-show episodes over the later ones, but none of the episodes are less than watchable and none do anything to embarrass the show.

So much appeals about 'A Touch of Frost'. Love the mix of comedy (mostly through Frost's snide comments and quips) and dark grit, the tension between rebellious Jack Frost and by-the-book Mullet which has led to some humorous moments, how he interacts with the rest of the staff, the deft mix of one or two cases and Frost's personal life, how Frost solves the cases, the production values, music and of course David Jason in one of his best roles.

There may have been people initially sceptical about whether the show would work, and with Jason (a mainly comedic actor) in a departure from usual in the lead role. Scepticism very quickly evaporated, with the first season containing three consistently great episodes, even with the darker and grittier approach with less humour, that established the tone and characterisation so brilliantly so early on with no signs of finding-their-feet. Seasons 2 and 3 continued that high standard, "Appropriate Adults" and "Stranger in House" particularly being show highlights. Season 4 was also very good, particularly "Paying the Price" and "Deep Waters", the weakest "Unknown Soldiers" still being pretty good. All four episodes of Season 5 were brilliant, especially "Penny for the Guy" and "No Other Love". Season 6 wasn't quite as consistent, but all episodes ranged from good to great, the best being "Keys to the Car".

"Benefit of the Doubt" is the second of four two parters on 'A Touch of Frost', and it is every bit as wonderful as the first two parter episode from Season 7 "Line of Fire". Can be iffy about episodes being split into half, having been done with variable execution on 'Lewis' for example, but not here. The first part of "Benefit of the Doubt" was outstanding, the second part is every bit as wonderful.

It's a very well made episode as to be expected. It matches the dark, gritty tone of the episode beautifully with atmospheric lighting and the stylish way it's shot. The music is haunting without being over-bearing.

The script is well written, with a few very amusing quips from Frost, and is thought-provoking with lots of things you don't expect. The story is absorbing with a good deal happening while not rushing through it or trying to do too much. Plenty of suspense and intrigue, with a shocking and somewhat violent end and everything tied up very neatly without being too pat.

Frost is a remarkably well-established character , and one cannot help love his interaction with the rest of the officers and his chemistry with Bruce Alexander's stern and by-the-book Mullet, who constantly despairs of Frost's unconventional approach. Frost's new partner is a good character and works well with Frost.

Jason is superb as always and everybody else is every bit as good. Bruce Alexander, Robert Glenister and Joanne Froggart being standouts.

Overall, wonderful second part to an outstanding two-parter. Any worries regarding two-parters have been proved completely wrong with 'A Touch of Frost'. 10/10 Bethany Cox
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People Keep Dying!
Hitchcoc24 September 2015
After a strong beginning, it was nice to see just as satisfying conclusion. In this second installment, Sgt. Reid is found in a public toilet, badly injured and in a coma. It is suspected that a group of persons selling illegal cigarettes and running an extortion ring is responsible. Meanwhile, Frost has two things on his mind. The first is that a young woman (played by Joane Froggatt, later on "Downton Abbey) has appeared, believing Frost to be her father from some previous dalliance. The second is the continuing effort to find out who killed a skilled female heart surgeon. Of course, his looking after Reid keeps him in or around the hospital. Reid is a decorated war hero and Frost is appalled by another gung-ho bureaucrat who assumes he was in the public bathroom doing drugs, when there is no evidence at all. She is willing to throw him under the bus to save face for the department. Of course, those who harmed Reid are also in his sites as well as the extortionists. There is also an issue of five people who have died, post op, after being in the same bed in intensive care. Fine episode, completed nicely.
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