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Veracruz, Cortez and Tlaxcaltepecs
Claudio Carvalho26 January 2010
Doug and Tony are transported to Veracruz, Mexico, in 1519, when Hernando Cortez is searching the Golden Mask of the Tlaxcaltepecs that is a symbol of power for the Mexican tribes. When Cortez is ready to torture three natives, Doug and Tony tries to help them but are captured by the Spaniard soldiers. Meanwhile the Time Tunnel personnel hire a Mexican archaeologist to help them with landmarks in Veracruz to bring the scientists, but when the greedy man sees the Golden Mask, he bargains a deal to have the precious object.

In "Idol of Death", the time travelers meet Hernando Cortez in Veracruz and it is funny to see Doug worried about the massacre of the Mexican natives, apparently forgetting the conflicts with the natives in the American Indian Wars. The episode is entertaining, with Doug and Tony being caught in a time warp. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "O Túnel do Tempo" ("The Time Tunnel")
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Treasure Hunt
StuOz5 November 2016
The time travellers go all the way back to 1519 and Mexico.

The fake studio bound sets do a bit of damage to this hour (as was the case with the Devil's Island episode) but so many wonderful things are going on in the Time Tunnel command centre with General Kirk (Whit Bissell) and gang that the viewer is not too concerned with the cheapness of the 1519 sets.

Good guest characters.

However, this series had recently pulled out Visitors From Beyond The Stars / The Ghost Of Nero / a Bible story so perhaps some viewers were getting a hunger for something a bit more way-out than Idol Of Death.
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Time Lock..What?
fcabanski20 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
At the most tense moment for Tony and Doug, the folks at Tunnel control suddenly engage the time lock. They freeze time around Tony and Doug.

OK, why haven't they done that before? Surely it would have come in handy a number of times while the Tunnel control people figured a way to save Doug and Tony. Or, they could have used it to freeze Doug and Tony and then find the coordinates to bring the two home.

Otherwise it's a pretty blah episode. The expert they bring in to identify Doug and Tony's location is a treasure hunter who has broken the law in the past. They bring him to Tunnel control without even knowing his field. Good grief, then how did they know he's an expert on what was needed? Who recommended him to them? What in the world is going on in this episode?

BTW, Godzilla is visible walking away from Cortez's ships as they burn. Nobody reacts to the sight of the giant monster that has just wiped out Cortez's fleet. In fact, Cortez celebrates the attack, saying now his men can't abandon their mission.

In reality, it's a stage hand visible in the scene. He had lit the ship models on fire for the scene. But Godzilla is more fun.
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