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Myrna Fahey and Cloris Leachman

Author: kevin olzak ( from Youngstown, Ohio
12 October 2008

After two stellar thrillers from producer William Frye, Fletcher Markle returned for this routine crime entry featuring Myrna Fahey as a young newlywed (the "Girl with a Secret") who discovers that her handsome husband (Rhodes Reason, lookalike brother of Rex) is a secret agent endangered by ringleader Victor Buono's thugs. Like many others, this episode is enlivened by a cast of past and future stars such as Buono, in a disappointingly brief performance, later appearing in "God Grante That She Lye Still." Also appearing are 34-year-old Cloris Leachman, only a few years removed from her beauty pageant days, as a sarcastic member of the husband's family, and Hollywood veteran Ellen Corby, whose greatest fame would be found on THE WALTONS, in a suitable role as a snooping housekeeper who pays the ultimate price for her failure to keep any secrets (she played Victor Buono's mother in 1963's "The Strangler"). Superior to producer Markle's next and final episode, "Man in the Middle." Myrna Fahey (another beauty contestant who died of cancer in 1973) and Harry Ellerbe are reunited just a few months removed from "House of Usher," while Rex Holman, carving out a career playing crazies like the one here, tries unsuccessfully to run our hero off the road, smiling all the while (his character name is Blucher, which was Cloris Leachman's name in "Young Frankenstein"!).

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"Well you know nowadays, secrets are extracted as painlessly as teeth."

Author: classicsoncall from Florida, New York
17 January 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This episode of 'Thriller' takes a stab at being an espionage story before it winds up with a murder on it's hands. The crime isn't the kind that needs to be solved, we see maniacal Rex Holman rough up Ellen Corby before she takes a tumble down the stairs, as suspicion falls on the 'Girl With a Secret', newlywed Alice Page (Myrna Fahy). It turns out her husband Tony (Rhodes Reason) is a government agent doing undercover work to expose some kind of criminal kingpin played by Victor Buono.

The story begins with a pretty good set-up as a suitcase switcheroo puts Alice on her guard; later we see Tony open the case nonchalantly to get his next set of instructions. The plot thickens when she finds airline tickets to Mexico and forces Tony to spill the beans. The rest of the story Alice has to fend off a domino-like string of consequences that put her on the defensive. Except for Tony's brief explanation about his work involving nuclear secrets, we never do get a clear sense of what's going on with Buono's bunch, other than his desire to put Tony away.

In probably one of the more contrived endings of a Thriller episode, the druggist goes commando with an old pistol and saves the day when the Page's are confronted at the local pharmacy. I thought about that for a while, and the way it seemed to me, that loaded gun was just lying around for twenty years and managed to fire off a round with no problem at all. I don't know that much about firearms, but that sounded like a stretch to me, as did most of the story attempting to be a Thriller.

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If they find out who I am and what I'm doing I'm dead!

Author: sol from Brooklyn NY USA
14 March 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

***SPOILERS*** It's the drop dead gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor look alike, but much prettier, Myrna Fahey who's newlywed Alice Page the "Girl with a Secret" in this "Thriller" episode. It's Alice who finds out that her husband of one week Tony, Rhodes Reason, is not the person that he's cracked up to be. Alaways telling Alice that he's going out on business trips to places like New York St. Louis and Minneapolis Tony is really a secret government agent on the trail of a Soviet spy ring headed by the effete refined and well bead as well as fed Englishman Carolik, Victor Buono.

It's at the airport that Alice started to suspect that her husband Tony was up to something sinister. That's when she caught Tony switching suitcases with a stranger there. This lead to Alice finding out that Tony works as a secret agent for the US Government but in her arguing with him about it the nosy maid Mrs. Peele, Ellen Corby, at the Page Mansion overheard the conversation which included that Tony next trip was not to Minneapolis but Mexico City!

It's that information that can led to Tony almost getting killed by Carolik's top goon and hit man "Evil Face" Bluecher,Rax Holman, who earlier tried unsuccessfully to run both Tony & Alice off the road and off a cliff to their deaths! With Alice paying off Mrs. Peele with the Page's family jewels to shut up only leads to both her getting fired from her job and later getting murdered by "Evil Face" who thought that she knew what Tony was up to, but really didn't, by him pushing her down a flight of stairs to her death.

***SPOILERS***It's later when both Alice & Tony thought that the coast was clear the spy ring member including "Evil Face" tracked the two down at a local pharmacy and planned to whack them before they, or Tony, got back to his boss in D.C with the information exposing them. The big mistake that they made was completely overlooking the meek elderly and harmless looking counterman who looked like he couldn't hurt a fly but in fact ended up putting them out of business!

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Which. One Is Rhodes and Which One Is Rex? Does It Matter?

Author: Hitchcoc from United States
11 November 2016

This was only interesting because it has loads of character actors in it. We have one of the Reasons (can't tell them apart), Cloris Leachmann, and a host of people who routinely showed up on 60's television. I loved the crazy guy. I remember him from an episode of the original Star Trek when the guys found themselves in Tombstone, fighting the Earp Brothers. The plot is a bit silly. The young woman, who appears to be the winner of the Elizabeth Taylor look-alike contest, is put in a terrible position. Her husband is trying to be so secretive but he can't keep his mouth shut and is overheard by Grandma Walton, who begins a little extortion business. I'm never quite sure what the bad guys are up to, but Rhodes (not the scholar), but a Reason, has evidence concerning and needs to go off to Mexico. His wife can't go along because there isn't room at the house, so she has to stay with his sociopath relatives. When you hear the plot they propose to get her to reveal her secret, you will have trouble suppressing your laughter. This has the most convenient of conclusions which really diminishes the whole thing. I remember the advice a writing teacher once gave. When a bad guy has a character trapped and you need to end your story, have him run over by a truck.

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Entertaining if far-fetched

Author: preppy-3 from United States
11 May 2016

Alice (Myrna Fahey) and Anthony (Rhodes Reason) have just been married and go to visit his grandmother (Fay Bainter) and assorted relatives (including an unknown Cloris Leachman). Unknown to Alice her husband is working undercover to catch some villains trying to get weapons. He has to leave her with his relatives a few days and tells her way...but she can't tell anybody. Things quickly unravel and Alice fears for her life.

Pretty ridiculous but entertaining, fast-moving and fun. It also has a great cast also including Ellen Corby and Victor Buono in small roles. Fahey and Reason also make an attractive likable couple and their acting isn't bad. Bainter is exceptional as the head of the family. LOVE the way she delivers her lines at the end:) Not what the "Thriller" TV show was known for but not bad.

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The Man Has One Too

Author: AaronCapenBanner from North America
29 October 2014

Myrna Fahey and Rhodes Reason play Alice and Anthony Page, a young newlywed couple who go home to his family, only to become the targets of murder by a strange-looking killer(played by Rex Holman, doing his very best Richard Widmark/Tommy Udo impersonation from "Kiss Of Death"!)They survive a near fatal car accident, but Alice finds that she must go it alone after Anthony is called away on business, in which he too has his share of secrets, while his family and enemies make Alice the center of their attentions... Entertaining episode is far-fetched but nicely cast, with a reasonable amount of excitement and humor, if still not what fans really wanted from this series.

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