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"Three's Company" Jack the Ripper (1979)

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Jack feels pushed around by both Mr Furley and his roommates. Chrissy and Janet both want to have the bathroom of their apartment redone, but Furley refuses to pay for any of the supplies. Jack, hoping to boost his self-confidence, meets with Dr. Prescott, a psychologist who specializes in self-esteem cases. From him, Jack learns how to be more assertive by learning Prescott's method of "BARK" (Be somebody, Act like somebody, React like somebody, Kollect your rewards.), which involves actually barking like a dog. Prescott tells Jack to act like an unmovable object; Jack chooses and elephant and agrees to take Prescott's classes. Jack leaves and Prescott calls his next client in, who turns out to be Mr. Furley, who wants to learn how stand up to his boss, who happens to be his brother.

Jack returns home and talks to Chrissy and Janet about the new wallpaper for the bathroom. Moments before, Janet had told Chrissy that a particular print, sleds on a snowy hill, is traumatic for her because of a molestation incident from her childhood. The two instead settle on a girlish pattern. At first, Jack allows himself to be pushed around and retreats to his bedroom. Moments later, he begins to bark and storms out of his room and tells the girls he will never allow such a feminine-patterned wallpaper to be used in the bathroom. He flips through the book and settles on the pattern with the sleds, much to the dismay of Janet.

Jack announces loudly that there will be changes around the apartment. When Chrissy and Janet protest, he barks at them. To prove his point, he calls Mr Furley downstairs and orders him to meet him on his ground. Jack tells Furley that he will pay for the supplies to remodel the bathroom, at which point Furley barks at Jack. Furley refuses to pay for the wallpaper and the two break into a barking match. When Janet and Chrissy demand to know why the two are barking at each other, they both explain Prescott's principle of "BARK". After a few more moments of barking, Janet takes control and the roommates and Furley compromise on the purchase of the remodeling supplies.


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