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  • After Bosco has sex in his squad car with the boss' daughter, his boss gets a videotape of it. Bobby and Kim argue heatedly. Doc brings Carlos along on a personal mission to locate the owner of a lost watch.


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  • Daughtery leaves a sexual sign on the side of Sully's personal car and signs Bosco's name to it. Sully decides to get even and puts flour in th vents of Bosco's patrol car. Bosco not knowing why Sully done this then parks Sully's car in a tight spot just to irritate Sully. Sully and Davis pursue a car jacker who bails out of the car just before it goes in the river. Sully and Davis retrieve the mother and daughter who survive but then they find the father in the trunk who dies at the hospital. Bosco is caught having sex with a girl in the patrol car. He is accidently filmed on a security camera. The captain reviews the tape and see's Bosco but the captain never realizes is the girl Bosco was with was the captains own daugther. Bosco is being written up for the incident when Bosco's patrol car goes missing. Bosco assumes it's Sully's doing and tracks Sully down. They eventually find the car driving down the street with a local retarded gentleman driving it. Bosco tries to keep it quiet cause he doesnt want to get into anymore trouble. By the end of the chase the whole station is involved and its being broadcast on tv by local news choppers. In the end Bosco gently talks the guy out of the car and no one is injured. Yokas congratulates Bosco for being sincere to the retarded guy and congratulates him on a job well done. Bosco is then informed by the captain he will be taking care of prisoners for the next week as punishment for losing his patrol car. Eventually Bosco and Sully realize it was in fact fireman Jimmy Daughtery who started this whole joke.

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